Specialty coffee in Zierikzee

Specialty coffee in Zierikzee
The first specialty coffee shop in my own province Zeeland. I can’t be happier! I grew up in the south of The Netherlands in the province Zeeland. I keep the name of the village for myself, because it’s like a little spot on the map. But while I am proud of my province, it’s never been easy. I moved to the other side of the country to start studying and seeking for something different. Don’t get me wrong because Zeeland is pretty, especially in summer time. But there is not so much going on. And with my curious and adventurous character it’s not enough for me. But spending the last six months here, with an amazing beautiful Summer I couldn’t be happier. And just before leaving again I could visit Roekoekoe in Zierikzee.

Best coffee in Zierikzee Zeeland The Netherlands


La Marzocco Modbar

I may made it sound like that this coffee shop recently opened, but that’s not true. Roekoekoe is celebrating their 2nd anniversary already. At the last moment before leaving The Netherlands again I visit this café in Zierikzee. It was a bit difficult to plan because they were only open from Thursday till Saturday, and I was always working these days. Now they are also open on Wednesday. The day I visit the shop I’ve met the owner Sander. He opened Roekoekoe with his wife two years ago. They got inspired by coffee shops in Australia during a road trip. They loved the idea of having the bar and open kitchen in the middle of the café while everything happens around this. You can see that in their own shop now. That their concept is working shows, because the place was packed. Next to that they had to hire some help. Happy to see specialty coffee is working in Zeeland as well. Sander told me they only work with supplier that make them happy, easy to work with and where you are not stuck with if you don’t want to. They found their coffee supplier in Caffenation. Which I think is a good choice. I am always happy sipping coffee from the most know roaster of Antwerp. The coffees are brewed on the La Marzocco Modbar. It’s still pretty special to see a Modbar in a coffee shop in The Netherlands. So you can imagine how it feels to walk in a shop in Zeeland and see this machine. I was thrilled. Sander explained me that for every type of coffee they use a different profile. For a double espresso you can choose between a Slayer profile (with pre infusion) or the regular (pressing with 9 bar straight away). My parents enjoyed a cortado made with what they call a White Slayer profile. Very interesting! At Roekoekoe they are also known for their veggies. I didn’t had the change to try their food, but I hear good thing about it. My espresso came with a bbq baked apple pie. It really made me happy. Best coffee shop specialty coffee Zierikzee ZeelandCoffee and cake Roekoekoe specialty coffee shop ZierikzeeThe Exploring Barista at Roekoekoe Zierikzee specialty coffee shopLa Marzocco Modbar coffee shop Zierikzee Roekoede

Roekoeke specialty coffee shop Zierkikzee ZeelandBest specialty coffee koffie Zeeland Zierikzee Roekoekoe

Melkmarkt 11, Zierikzee
Wed – Sat

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