Specialty coffee in Oslo

Specialty coffee in Oslo

The final destination on my specialty coffee and travel adventure in Scandinavia.

Save the best for last they say. Let’s see if that’s true. It was a great ending of my trip thanks to the people and the snow. And the coffee ofcourse.

It has been some time that I was in Oslo. Since I have been back in Barcelona I’ve been busy with the holidays, starting as a freelancer and working on my business. When I was checking the photos and videos again from Oslo I remembered the great time I had and how happy the snow made me. So it’s time to get back in time and share the coffee shops with all of you!specialty coffee oslo norway scandinaviaThe same as in Stockholm, in the specialty coffee scene it’s quality over quantity. I don’t know why, but I was surprised by the small amount of coffee shops in Scandinavia.


A small shop, no tables and a large bar. That’s the first thing that comes to my mind while thinking about Java. And the green color wall that has the same color as my blog. It was a beautiful snowy day and walking in here made me feel welcome and warm. Friendly young barista running the place as it’s his own. Coffee from Kaffa is served and there are some pastries and sandwiches to fill your belly.



Another tiny place, but with an inside roastery. There are a small amount of tables, but it doesn’t feel like that. It feels spacious and they used the space they have pretty good. I love the brick walls, because they make the place cosy. Friendly and helpful baristas behind the bar and there is a good vibe here. I enjoyed sitting here facing the street. Watching people, the snow and sipping my coffee. I’ve been drinking a single shot (Ethiopia) espresso and the other shot as a cappuccino. As I expected it tasted very fruity and with a nice acidity as an espresso. Don’t forget, everybody loves Supreme!



I think one of the most famous name when talking about coffee in Scandinavia. Tim Wendelboe is like a concept in the North. That made my expectations of this place very high. So, it could make it or break it. Unfortunately I didn’t had such  good experience. The place looks great, but the guys working there (baristas, roasters etc.) are pretty busy and serious doing their things. Which I completely understand, but I  missed a bit of customer service here. The girl helped me as fast as possible, so she could do her other tasks. I order a geisha filter, so I have to admit my exceptions maybe were a bit too high. A geisha at Tim Wendelboe that should be like paradise. I think you should definitely try some of Wendelboe’s coffee, but that’s not necessarily necessary at the roastery.



When I was in Copenhagen the guys from Prolog told me that Talor & Jørgen just opened up the day before. So, I’ve added it to my to visit list and they made me very clear that they have the best doughnuts in town. So, coffee and doughnuts. Sounds like how I like it. Lot’s of people ask me if I saw something different, something new on my Scandinavia trip and I have to say yes that will be Talor & Jørgen. Forget all the things you know for third wave coffee shop. Forget minimalistic, forget lot’s of wood. Just think about colorful doughnuts and that’s exactly what this place is. In the back you find the roastery and all day they are making doughnuts to meet the demand. Talor & Jørgen is more than a coffee & doughnut shop, it’s a brand, it’s an experience. From the shop to the packaging and from the doughnuts to the owners that are always around to tell you about their concept. If you like to see more they also make weekly vlogs on their channel: Talor&Jørgen.



The rockstar under the coffee shops in Oslo where coffee is combined with vinyl and beer. There’s a cosy relaxing atmosphere hanging here which makes you feel at home pretty fast. Inspired by Berlin and brought to Oslo. Coffee from different roasters is used and you will drink your coffee from a very unique cup. The girls from Kaffikaze told me beforehand about the “recycled coffee cups”. These cups, made from coffee grounds, wood grains and biopolymers, are created in Berlin. I think it’s an amazing concept to reduce waste. I was so impressed that I bought one cup as a present for a friend, who has an online shop in reusable products: everuseshop.com



To complete my Oslo coffee trip I’ve also been outside the city by train to visit the Lippe Roastery. Where I had the pleasure to catch up with Philip, a coffee passionate that I’ve met in Barcelona, and meet the owners Alexander & Pia. Next to that I joined their production cupping with lovely yummy coffees on the table.


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  1. HI! I am leaving for a trip to Oslo in a couple of weeks and I am looking for advice for places to see, this post of yours is going to be very useful: thanks!!!

    1. Hi Mary! Thanks so much for your comment and I am happy to hear that you think my blogpost is useful. Enjoy your trip! You are gonna love Oslo. Let me know about your trip.

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