Specialty coffee & sleeping in Copenhagen

Specialty coffee & sleeping in Copenhagen

Copenhagen has a small centre, but there are a lot of specialty coffee shops, which makes it easy to explore the city by foot. I was only staying 2 days this time. You can see a lot in only 48 hours but I do recommend to stay longer in the Danish capital, because you will definitely fall in love.

When I say that you will fall in love with this city I speak from experiences. I visited Copenhagen about a year ago and I visited 7 Specialty Coffee Shops. With the cheapest flight to Bangkok from Copenhagen I knew it was destiny. I had about 48 hours to spend and as a second time visitor it was just enough time to recharge my love.Best coffee and sleep in Copenhagen guide Nyhavn


A nice place to stay is really important especially when you are so short in the city that you exactly need all your energy to enjoy the trip the fullest. For me a hostel or a hotel is not just a place to sleep. It’s the place where you recharge, where you need to feel at home and where you feel comfortable. For me the accommodation is after coffee shops my top priority and I spend lot’s of time to find the right place. When I was spreading the word around that I was going to Copenhagen again I got the tip to look up Steel House, a pretty new hostel next to central station. After checking the photos I knew this was the perfect place and I got in contact with the hostel. I was staying in a beautiful double room with a terrace. But Steel House also has affordable 4 or 6 persons dorms, mixed and female only. All the bed are really comfortable with a thick mattress and a topper. The beds are already made and there is a towel included, which is definitely a plus for me. After unpacking my stuff and freshing up I’ve met the general manager and the guys from Hostel Geeks and we played shuffle board in the games room with a Danish beer. After showing my game spirit it was time for a quiz, which is hold twice a week. Next to the games room there is also a tv- and cinema room. If I would have more days to spend I would have definitely crashed on one of the sofas in the cinema and watched a movie. It looks super comfortable. Steel House might be a hostel, but has the luxury of a hotel. Next to the comfy rooms, there is also a pool, fitness and large kitchen. for a small amount of DKK 20 (€2,70/$3) you can use the fitness or pool for 2 hours and the kitchen for your full stay. With this money the hostel can invest in buying new tools and keep it good. I really enjoyed the atmosphere in the hostel. It had like this cosy and travelers flow, but on the other hand it didn’t feel like a cheap youth hostel. Luxury for an affordable price. Check here price and booking options!Affordable luxe hostel with pool Steel House Copenhagen where to sleepSteel House Copenhagen luxe hostel private room The Exploring BaristaView from Steel House Copenhagen Hostel city trip guide


Specialty coffee shops

Like I said, Copenhagen is full of amazing specialty coffee shops. I’ve visit 10 places last year and this time I managed to go to three places in only 48 hours. I will mention two of them, because I didn’t really enjoyed Statement Coffee. The milk was a bit too hot, lacking coffee flavor and I was missing a vibrant atmosphere in the café. At The Coffee Collective Bernikow and Cupenhague I had wonderful experiences. So here they are.

The Coffee Collective Bernikow

In the middle of the centre close to Nyhavn you find location number four of The Coffee Collective. Last year I’ve been to the other three, so I was just missing Bernikow. I heard good things about it. It was time to experience this myself. Entering through a big red door and a warm welcome of the barista will make you feel welcome and walking in a luxury shop. I knew that all coffee shops of Coffee Collective look different, but this is something else. No industrial but cosy Scandinavian design, but a small shop with minty greens and warm wooden tints. The place was full and I can imagine it’s always like this. I could sit here all day as well if I didn’t had any exploring to do. There were two options for espresso and I went for a Kenyan espresso. Just because I have very good experiences with their Kenyan coffees. Coffee Collective works mostly with direct trade that’s what I’ve been told by one of the managers last year. In this way they can offer better prices to the farmers and keep an eye on the harvest. I’ve sipped Kieni from the Nyeri region, washed process, variety SL28 & SL34. I have to say that this might be one of the best Kenyan espresso I ever had. It was not only a very good coffee, but it was also perfectly made. I think that all the positive things you could extract from this coffee, were extracted. It was juicy, fruity and acidic but it also had this kind of vanilla sweetness which I never tasted in a Kenyan espresso before. Just wonderful!

The Coffee Collective Bernikow Copenhagen coffee guide



Kind of a newbie in town. Well on this location. The three guys of Cupenhague were collaboration at another location already, but they were seeking for a place for themselves. With only their energy in the coffee shop to radiate. And that’s paying off. The place looks beautiful with small little details like flower on the floor and ceiling. The combination of old and new furniture works really good in here. I love the blue wall behind the bar. It gives the minimalist style a nice touch. Same for the lamps above the bar. I also fell in love with the different colored ceramic cups they are using. As well as the packaging of their coffee bags and spacey take away cups. The guys combined their strength really good, one knows a bit more about coffee so is the other a baking professional. I think I ate the best danish pastry ever at Cupenhague. After some rye bread with a boiled egg I was able to have some caffeine again. I sipped a fully washed Rwandan espresso. They just started using this coffee. They were still looking for the perfect extraction, but I actually enjoyed it and had a very good experience at this place. Nice vibe in the café. Cupenhague is now closed.Cupenhague specialty coffee shop Copenhagen guideCupenhague specialty coffee roaster shop Copenhagen guideCupenhague specialty coffeeshop Copenhagen city guide

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