Specialty coffee in Bangkok

Specialty coffee in Bangkok
Heading to Bangkok with a list of 15 specialty coffee shops and zero tourist attractions. That’s how I explore the world. Bangkok was my first stop on my travel through Asia.
Arriving in Bangkok made me happy, but after a couple of days I got overwhelmed. It all takes so much time to arrive at a café, most cafés are pretty full and I found it hard to have a coffee chat with the baristas. So I didn’t got so much energy back from this- except for a couple of visits!- but I did visit some very nice cafés and sipped some beautiful coffees. I can recommend to stay a couple of days in BKK, visit coffee shops and them move your ass to Chiang Mai because that’s the place to be if you ask me! (And with me a lot of others).

7 Specialty Coffee Shops in Bangkok


This café is easy to reach, because it’s only a five minute walk from the train station Ekkamai in the area Watthana where you find more specialty coffee shops. The place isn’t so big, but there is enough space to sit, get some work done and look around (the paintings!). I loved the different corners in this café to sit down. Especially next to the vinyl records and player. I’ve sipped a filter coffee with beans from Ruanda roasted by Ink & Lion themselves. The coffee was a bit flat for me, but the waffles with banana was really tasty!


From Ink & Lion you can easily walk to Onion, because it’s in the same neighborhood. That’s what I did! The shop looks cool with seatings inside and outside and a clothes shop next door. You can walk in from the café. The day I visit there was a brewing bar taking over by Australian coffees. The friendly girl explained me that the guy that was brewing is the National Aeropress champion. He went to Sydney for the World Aeropress Championship and brought back all these coffees. It was nice meeting him and he made an excellent pour over for me with beans from Kenya, Nyeri region, washed process, variety SL28 & SL34, roasted by Artificer. Onion specialty coffee Bangkok Thailand best caféOnion espresso bar specialty coffee shop Bangkok Thailand


Part of Roots and famous for their brunch. With a menu like a magazine, it’s gonna be hard to choose. This shop is located in a shopping mall. It was a bit hard to find for me. I kept wandering in the mall and asking people. I recommend when you enter, ask straight away. There a large bar where you can stare at the coffee machine while sipping a coffee or you can sit in the restaurant. I think you can guess where I found my seat. Yes, staring at the baristas. The food looked amazing and I went for a strawberry crumble with a scoop of ice cream. I was so yummy. The cappuccino I’ve order was well made with beautiful textured milk and latte art with coffee by Roots.ROAST specialty coffee best brunch Bangkok Thailand


Rocket has different locations (check their website for current locations). I visit Rocket Coffeebar S.12. The first shops they opened, back in 2013. Rocket is pretty famous, because of their Instragramable interior. For me the first specialty coffee place I visit in Bangkok. I didn’t really enjoyed the atmosphere inside, but I loved the outside tables. Enjoyed a nice cold brew to cool me down after a 5 km walk and a waffle to fill my belly. I’ve missed a bit the espresso bar vibe with chatty baristas, but the cold brew tasted good.

Rocket Fuel Cold Brew Rocket coffeebar Bangkok Thailand

Specialty coffee in Bangkok Rocket coffeebar guide


Probably the most famous specialty coffee in Bangkok. What I love about Roots is that the intention is the share the journey of the coffee, which they so call the cup-to-Farm ethos. You can see and feel that they are bit ahead and there is a whole company behind what they do. The little details, the beautiful shop and the quality of the coffee. They recently opened a new location, Roots at Sathon. That’s where I went and I had a nice experience. I sipped this natural processed fruity coffee from Chiang Mai, Doi Saket. They also gave me a bottle of their cold brew to try, because it was made with the same coffee but then with a washed process made on a stylish white Modbar. Both were tasty, but because I am no a big fan of natural coffees I liked the cold brew better. The café looks pretty, minimalistic and cosy.Cold brew ROOTS BKK specialty coffee shop best coffee Bangkok ThailandRoots BKK specialty coffee best coffee Bangkok Thailand Roots at Sathon

Wallflower Cafe

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all? Well that would be Wallflowers Café. I’ve never seen such a beautiful, cosy and lovely smelling café in my life. If you think how could coffee and flowers work? Go to Wallflowers and you will know. Perhaps they have a floral (Ethiopian?) coffee on the grinder, take a piece of cake covered with flowers, sit your ass down next to some flower pots and smell the combination of coffee and flowers. Life isn’t getting any better believe me. We’ve shared a beautiful natural processed Thai coffee (I am not sure if it was a single origin) and a piece of carrot cake. I couldn’t be happier. At this lovely café they are pulling shots from a beautiful Modbar.



Factory Coffee

What I’ve realized is that it’s easy to meet a barista champion in Thailand. They are very devoted to keep working as a barista, show what they can do, keep learning and maybe have their own shop or are co-owners. Same for Factory Coffee. Resi took me there, because she met Athip on the World Of Coffee In Amsterdam last year where he was competing. When we visit Factory, this Thai champion was also in the shop and he prepared a chemex for us with coffee beans from North Thailand. A sweet and full body coffee with notes like plum, orange, black tea and cane sugar. Very sweet aftertaste. To complete our coffee experience here at Factory we got a bottle of cold brew made with panama Gesha beans and a cold coffee with milk. Both in pretty glass bottles. I am not a big fan of milk, but Resi loved the coffee with milk in a bottle. This cold brew was totally my thing. Light brewed, fruity and acidic. What I loved about Factory Coffee is the eye for little details. Pretty cups, good service, interesting drinks and I even saw a Barista finishing a cold coffee at the table. This café brought quality to a next level for me.





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