Specialty Coffee Antwerp part 1

Specialty Coffee Antwerp part 1

It was time for another citytrip after my trip to Berlin. I was eager and ready for exploring. It was time for Antwerp. I’ve met so many coffee lovers and people from the coffee industry in Antwerp recently that I was happy to go visit them. Perfect to combine with my trip to The Netherlands.

I’ve been many times in Antwerp already in my life. It’s such a great city to shop, walk around and enjoy the good vibe. The times I’ve been here it was mostly for shopping and I didn’t had a clue about coffee by that time. It was time to go back. Explore the coffee scene, see this city through my barista eyes and share the passion with the professionals from the specialty coffee world.


Coffeebar and roastery Normo is a wide spacious place in the centre of Antwerp. There is a very chill vibe when you walk in this coffeebar. Like you don’t have to do anything and everything is aloud. Lot’s of places to sit, lot’s of coffees to choose from. I had a lovely coffee chat with barista Sacha and she made a lovely fruity Ethiopian (Adado – washed) v60 for me.


Black & Yellow

After Normo it was time to go more north and surround us by water and of course coffee. Black & Yellow is a coffee place by Joke de Coninck, who was working for many years at Caffenation. It was time for her to open up her own place and put all her energy and passion in it. Recently opened and such a great success. The place looks amazing and totally shows Joke her personality. Cool small details, stickers and of course black & yellow. Joke is having her own blend roasted by MOK.



Caffenation & Bar Pakt

Who says Antwerp, says Caffenation. The leading roaster of Antwerp and I think as well from Belgium. Not so long ago they moved the roastery to a new location and now they also opened a coffee bar here, Bar Pakt. I haven’t had the time to see the other location (Mechelsesteenweg, 16), so I can’t compare them but who cares because Bar Pakt is awesome. I love the interior, the luminous space due to all the windows and the industrial but peaceful area. I enjoyed a wonderful juicy fruity Kenya (Weithaga AA) chemex. I also had a look in their roastery. Always makes my coffee heart beat faster to see what’s happening behind the scene and talk with passionated coffee lovers.

Butchers Coffee

Last but not least, Butchers Coffee. Located in an old butchery you can have pretty good coffee. The coffee is from Caffenation and they do have some guest roasters. Next to that they are famous for their good food and I couldn’t agree more. Had a delicious sandwich, but ofcourse I ate too fast and forgot to make a photo. The place looks amazing and is much bigger than you expect. There is a cool space in the back with the flavor wheel.

Can’t get enough about coffee in Antwerp? I did another specialty coffee tour.

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