Coffee table books: The World Atlas of Coffee

Coffee table books: The World Atlas of Coffee

Just before Christmas I ordered this coffee book. I love reading about coffee. Most of the time I do this online, but sometimes I just need a book. Put all the gadgets away and enjoy a real book you can actually touch and smell. Now I almost finished reading the book it’s time for a book review.

When my package finally arrived I couldn’t wait to unwrap it (it was worth the wait). When I took it out of the box I was happily surprised. It was even more beautiful than I expected. And the feeling. Wow! It feels like a jute coffee bag. It just miss a bit of the coffee smell. The size of the book is good. It fit’s in my backpack, it’s easy to read and it looks nice on my coffee table.


When opening the book I was totally in love. There are small coffee beans on the first page. Very cute. The lay-out of every page is clean and clear. It has nice fonts which make it easy to read. Same as the structure of the whole book. Clean and clear, easy to read. Exactly how I think a book needs to look like.


Then the photos in the book. Look at them. Aren’t they amazing? I can keep looking at them every day. Next to the beautiful part, the pictures are very informative. They add something to the text. Talking about the text, it’s written well. Full of information and everything is explained short but clear. No bullshitting, but straight to the point.

Well, I think it’s quite clear what I think about this book. I can definitely recommend this book. I call it the coffee Bible. If you are a starter in the coffee industry or already got some knowledge. I have quit some experience and knowledge, but I discovered things I didn’t know before. Especially the part about the different varieties of Arabica and the chapter about roasting were very interesting for me. These subjects were one the reasons that I actually bought this book.

Hope you think my review was useful. What do you think about the book?

You can buy the book in the webshop of SCAE for £20.

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