Coffee Rehab

Coffee Rehab

Ladies and gentlemen, I have an announcement. I am in coffee rehab. I will be honest with you and I will tell my story. The story about my coffee consumption and why I am in rehab. Please don’t judge me. Let’s start from the beginning. I will tell you about my coffee consumption. Most people start to laugh when I tell them. The fact is that I can’t handle caffeine very well. Only one coffee is enough to keep me going through the day. There are days that after a few sips I already feel nervous, dizzy and I have heart palpitations. Quit funny if you’re job is being a barista. I love drinking coffee, I just can’t really handle it.

Coffee drinking habits

Now you probably think why this girl needs a coffee rehab right? Well, I’ve got crazy with coffee. From a cortado a day, it went to a flat white a day (which I normally can’t finish) and before my rehab I was drinking two flat whites a day. It made me realize I had to stop, that I was addicted and getting used to the coffee and not just drinking it to enjoy it, only because it became a habit.

If I tell people I am in coffee rehab they ask me why. I tell them that I was drinking too much coffee and couldn’t survive a day without. Next question normally is, so how many coffee do you drink a day? Well, two flat whites. Than you get the funny face and the answer; Just two? I drink 5 or more. My problem is that when I drink too much coffee I feel like dying. Worst feeling ever. Funny that the love of my life can give me the worst feeling. But maybe that is how it goes with love.

Relax baby

Let’s don’t get distracted by love. Back to rehab. While writing this post it has been almost two weeks without coffee. Too be honest I never felt so relax as I feel now. I realize now that coffee makes me feel anxious all the time, the feeling of living in a rush. I can meditate and practice yoga as much as I want, but with too much caffeine in my body it will never helps.
Next to these positive relax feeling the first few days were terrible. Definitely withdrawal symptoms. For more or less five days. Headache, tired, not really concentrated. Like with every rehab you have to go deep to survive. So I did. I took a lot of rest to avoid the headache and tiredness and look at me now. My skin looks much better and I feel more clean inside.

I still think about coffee every day. It is still the love of my life. I want to smell coffee, taste coffee and touch coffee, but I am strong enough to resist (I am surrounded by coffee every single day). I do look forward to sip a beautiful filter coffee one day. Maybe only coffee in the weekend and green tea during the week? This makes me enjoy and love coffee even more. Quality before quantity. Enjoy your coffee (or 5) today. I keep it with my green tea for now.

3 thoughts on “Coffee Rehab

  1. Feel ya!!!

    If I could I would love to have 5 coffees a day if there would not be any negative side affects :D! Just started to rehab three days ago and I normally drink 1-2 cups a day. An overload of lemon water is helping me through the day but still missing the good side affects. Feels like I get more work done with a coffee, but guess it will take a bit more time to recover from all the caffeine intake. Lucky no headaches so far :)!

    1. Thanks for your respond! Same here. Would love to drink 5 a day, but I wouldn’t survive it. Well, I felt the same in the beginning. Less energy and less concentrated. It changed after a week and now after 12 days I am even more productive than with a shot of caffeine in my body. Keep going, it gets better soon!

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