Cocky Baristas

Cocky Baristas

Do we, as baristas, think less or underestimate cappuccino drinking people? That was the question I got from a friend and it triggered me to share my opinion.

So I am a coffee professional and many are with me. I do have a lot of coffee loving friends. I know them by coincidence or through social media. I never really saw a difference between the professionals and the lovers. They all have a lot of knowledge and passion for coffee and that is what connects us. But I did start wondering if this is true because of what a friend of mine asked me a couple of days ago. She said “Mariëlla, do you think that baristas think less of me or underestimate my knowledge because I drink milk based coffees?,, Now this was an interesting question. It triggered me.

I have to say how more “professional” I became, so did my coffee consumption. When I just started working as a barista back in 2012 I didn’t even drink coffee on a daily basis. I was just interested in working in a different part of hospitality. I started sipping cappuccinos with caramel syrup. Isn’t that funny right. How longer I was working as a barista, the less syrup I was putting in my coffee. I started using smaller glasses and taking double shots. After two years at this café my coffee habit became drinking cortados and flat whites. From one day to another I fell in love with filter coffees and there was my new routine. It stayed like this for some time until I started working at Nømad Coffee, where I had to set the grinders and taste the espressos every morning and during the day. Don’t get me wrong I always loved a good cup of milk based coffee, but with a sensitive stomach to milk and too many disappointing cups of cappuccinos in my life it was just easier to start drinking espressos. Let me not forget about my vegetarian/vegan diet, but I won’t bother you with this today. I got so picky that I prefer to make my own milk based (plant-based) cup of coffee. Burning my mouth, dry foam or a cup of where-did-the-coffee-go is not worth my money.

So if I go back to my friend’s question I was thinking for my personal coffee consumption and it occurred to me that I don’t sip coffees for fun. Don’t get me wrong I do love sipping a double in the morning to make my mind happy, but I am so sensitive to caffeine that it can also be poison to my body for the rest of the day. I visit a café mostly to review the place and test their coffee. I said to Resi “I’d rather have four cups of espressos where I can all have one sip from instead of just one double espresso,,. I don’t think baristas think inferior of you. They just think you just like sipping a cappuccino or a latte. A coffee to make you happy. Which is exactly why there are baristas. To make you happy. But I also have to be honest that when someone orders a double espresso with me I think that this person has more interest in coffee and probably more knowledge. Just because an espresso is strong and pure. You must really love coffee. Or be a more experienced coffee drinker. Same for filter coffee. This person must look for notes in this cup of filter coffee. I must think like this because I rely to my personal journey and habits. Long story short I don’t think we as baristas think less of people who are drinking cappuccinos, but we do think that they like to soften their coffee I guess? Does that make us cocky baristas? 

2 thoughts on “Cocky Baristas

  1. I love it when a customer orders an in-house latte but only cuz I’m learning how to do latte art. But I personally try to only drink espresso, I shoot for 7 a day.

    1. Hi! Thanks for your comment and opinion about this question. I totally understand you. It’s good to keep practicing latte art, so if no one would order lattes we could never practice! Keep up the good work. Wow 7 a day! Lucky you!

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