That was such an interesting week. I was thinking it would be such a boring week and I was planning to name this vlog ‘Welcome to my boring life’ and than it was Wednesday afternoon. When my whole life made a change. Okay, this is a bit over exaggerated, but it broke my week nicely in half and so as my hip nearly. I had a mega bike crash and I’m still blaming this tourist dude. Curious? You can see it in my new vlog.

But luckily there was more than just this bike crash. I have been giving training in Spanish for three days in a row and it was going quite well, so I had a proud moment. Next to that it getting so sunny and warm in Barcelona, so I really enjoyed the sun as much as possible in my break. You may get jealous when watching my video. Sorry for that.

And than there was the plant. My new friend. Which I brought home on a Friday night, St. Patricksday, at least I brought something green with me. I had lot’s of fun with that. That’s almost it for this week. We also got a new coffee at work, Burundi, and can’t wait to prepare that one. And finally in the weekend I shot a new video and I created lot’s of video stuff which you can see very soon! I’ve ended the week with some awesome food at Espai EGG in Raval, an awesome co-kitchen space where you can also do cooking classes and workshops.

So, all this you can see in the video below. Enjoy and let me know what you think. Don’t forget your thumbs and if you don’t want to miss anything, especially my Berlin trip, than you can also subscribe on my channel.

Next Monday there will be no weekvlog, but an extra video about plant-based cakes and Specialty Coffee in Barcelona!


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