Who is The Exploring Barista?

Ella Giljam is The Exploring Barista, since 2015. A creative, compassionated, spiritual and specialty coffee- and travel loving woman. Born and raised in The Netherlands. She lived four years in Barcelona and traveled a lot, to explore specialty coffee all around the world. After working and living five months in the capital of Specialty Coffee, Melbourne, her current location is Amsterdam.

As a creative woman she finds it hard to focus on just one thing. She created a passion, next to specialty coffee and travel, for many things like; writing, photography, filming. She wanted to combine all of these things, and that is how The Exploring Barista blog was born. With a 15 years experience background in Hospitality and about 7 years in coffee it was natural to start working as a freelance Barista, Barista Trainer and Coffee Consultant. And since 2018 The Exploring Barista is not just a blog, but a company. What started as a hobby, became a living. But from 2020 Ella will start focusing more on her new career as a Life Coach, Astrologer, Reiki practicer and Tarot Reader. And The Exploring Barista will be brought back to a hobby again.

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