photo by The Way To Coffee

Barista work experience:
After working for many years in hospitality and with a growing coffee culture in The Netherlands I was eager to try this out. I found a job
at Doppio Espresso in Enschede as a Barista and Assistant Manager. From the first cappuccino I knew that this was going to be my
passion, the love of my life and my future. I’ve been working here for two years as a barista and one and a half year as a manager. I’ve put
all my energy and passion in this store and it paid off. It was an amazing experience. I got my SCA Barista Skills Intermediate certificate here.
Espresso machine: Mirage Kees van der Westen
Grinder: Mahlkönig K30, Mahlkönig VARIO home


After arriving in Barcelona it was hard to find a job as a barista. The coffee culture was pretty small and my Spanish was not good enough. I got
the opportunity to start working for Costa Coffee. It was good to work with coffee again, even if it was commercial coffee. I learned to work
efficient and fast here. I’ve worked one year as a Barista and half a year as a Barista Trainer. Through this experience I realized that I love to
teach, educate and share my passion for coffee.


After starting my blog in January 2016 and going around all the specialty coffee places and events in Barcelona and talking with professionals
I knew that at some point I wanted to switch to work with specialty coffee again. This opportunity came in August of the same year at
Nømad Coffee. A dream came true. Working with amazing coffee and in a roastery. I also started to give training and I learned a lot. This
experience made me realize that could more than I thought and it’s amazing to be part of the specialty coffee culture.
Espresso machine: La Marzocco (linea PB, Strada EP, gs3)
Grinder: Mahlkönig K30, Mahlkönig EK43, Mahlkönig Tanzania, Victoria Arduino Mythos One

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