Full team barista course Barcelona espressoBARISTA TRAINING ON LOCATION


Duration:         3 hours
Price:                 40 euros per team member

Recommended Experience: All levels
Available languages: English, Dutch and Spanish

The full team barista course covers a short introduction to coffee, espresso and latte art. In the introduction I will explain more about growing, harvesting and processing of coffee. Because being a good barista is not only about skills, but it goes hand in hand with knowledge about the product. The second part of the training is about espresso. What is a good espresso and how do you adjust the grinder are the main questions. After understanding how to prepare good espresso we arrive at the last stage, milk and latte art. The first step is to prepare good textured milk using the right technique and the right temperature. With good textured milk you able to practice the pouring of the milk to create latte art. During the latte art we focus on the heart and the rosetta. We finish the course with some practical tips about cleaning the machine, grinder and barista tools. After this three hour course your team will have basic knowledge and skills and they are ready to improve themselves by practicing on their own.

*To book this course, there need to be a good working espresso machine and grinder on the location. The hiring company needs to provide enough coffee beans and milk to be able to make this course work.

If you would like more information about this course or like to make a reservation, fill in the contact form below or send an email to:


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