Finally there is a new weekvlog online! First of all, I am sorry that it took so long! I don’t know if you saw my latest video, but there was a little accident with water and my Macbook air. Big fail. Now it’s fixed and I missed creating videos so much. I had a lot of ideas lately, but couldn’t work them out. Now it’s done. A new layout of my videos and an intro. Let me know what you think.

Thanks for watching my video. It was a week of the famous Festa Major de Gràcia, the inauguration of  a new coffee place (Cargo Café), making cold brew at home and enjoying my Sunday afternoon at my new hotspot; Satan’s Coffee. I had an awesome week at my new job as a Barista at Nømad Coffee. I finally made a beautiful flat white, I got a lot of new knowledge and skills and I met so many nice customers. So, full of energy and ready to roll!

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  1. I am using “From couch to 5k” to get back on track after a while not running at all. Where do you go to run? I just moved to Barcelona and haven’t figured out where to go, I tried Barceloneta but was awfully crowded

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