Welcome to off week 2.0. My mood was as changeable as the weather this week. From beach time in the beginning to winter jacket at the end. I didn’t really feel it all week, but what I did feel was an upcoming cold. Again. Which made me staying in bed on Sunday eve and yesterday all day. And that’s why this vlog is a little bit later than usual.

When I was editing this vlog on Sunday I realized the randomness and how boring it actually was. It wasn’t  a bad week, because I was working a day, day off, working two days etc. That was nice and made me do some stuff, like going to the beach on Monday and some dancing on Friday night.

To add something extra to my video I explain you the difference between cold brew and nitro cold brew. We serve this at work and I like them both. Especially on warm Spring days and every day in Summer time.

I still hope that you liked this super random vlog. I am not super happy with it and I think it’s quiet boring. On the other hand it helped me realizing that I have to start doing more fun stuff.

Hope to see you next week y’all. And subscribe if you like!

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