Vegan Cafes in Barcelona

Vegan Cafes in Barcelona

I am a real sugar addict and I prefer it in the way of a slice of cake, a crunchy cookie or soft pastry. And of course next to a beautiful cup of specialty coffee. That’s my special moment. But I do realize that lot’s of people can’t eat them all, because they prefer to eat vegan or are lactose intolerant. That’s why I’ve created the mission of specialty coffee and plant-based cakes, so everybody can have their special moment.

I have been to four places in Barcelona and I’ve tried a plant-based threat and a cup of coffee, mostly flat white with a plant-based milk. All the places are using different roasters and they all have their own special concept. And I will already tell you now, I can chose my favorite place, because they all have their own quality and speciality.

Vegan cafes in Barcelona

Hammock Juice Station

First up it this hammock place in Carrer de Mallorca (number 308) where you can totally relax. Jump in a hammock and enjoy healthy juices, yummy food, Specialty Coffee by Tornado Cafe and lot’s of plant-based options. The day I’ve visited Hammock Juice Station they only had raw snickers balls filled with peanut butter, but don’t think that I am complaining. These raw balls are to die for! My friend enjoyed some avocado toast, and who can refuse that?

Specialty Coffee: Tornado Cafe
Plant-based milk: Soy, Almond
Plant-based threat: Raw Snickers Balls
Speciality: Great service, relaxing atmosphere, and the hammocks

The Juice House

In the middle of the food street of Barcelona, Carrer del Parlament, you find the light and cosy space The Juice House. With so many delicious options it is gonna be hard to choose here. Not just (plant-based) cakes and Special Coffee by Animal Coffee, but also pancake (yasss!), bowls, eggs, sandwiches, salades, tapas, starters, and main dishes. You can totally come here at every moment of the day and enjoy your kind of food. And that’s exactly what I love!

Specialty Coffee: Animal Coffee
Plant-based milk: Oat
Plant-based threat: Avocado lime cake, Strawberry coconut pie, Carrot cake, and Apple Crumble
Speciality: The place is full of light, fast and friendly service, lot’s of choices

Espai Joliu

My third visit was all about coffee and plants: Espai Joliu. In the area Poblenou, C/ de Badajoz, you find this cosy concept store full of plants, pottery, illustrations, magazines and yes specialty coffee. The coffee here is from Nømad Coffee. This is totally one of my favorite places in Barcelona, because the service, coffee, cakes and atmosphere are always great.

Specialty Coffee: Nømad Coffee
Plant-based milk: Oat
Plant-based threat: Vegan Cookie
Speciality: Relaxing atmosphere because of all the plants, lot’s of different seats, friendly service

Flax & Kale A Porter (at H&M)

Shopping and coffee at Flax & Kale X H&M, you can’t make me even happier? Oh maybe you can, lot’s of plant-based cakes. Sound like heaven on earth doesn’t it? Flax & Kale by Teresa Carles was doing everything very good, unless the coffee but that has changed. Now there is Right Side coffee, and really well-made by professional baristas. There is so much to choose. The only disadvantage is that it can be a bit crowded here, but who doesn’t want to enjoy heaven on earth.

Specialty Coffee: Right Side
Plant-based milk: Soy, Hazelnut, Coconut, Almond
Plant-based threat: Cakes, Raw balls, Muffins and much more
Speciality: Well-organized and high standards, lot’s of food options, lot’s of plant-based milk options, cold brew and Moccamaster, and great shopping experience at H&M is included.

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