Three Marks Coffee Barcelona

Three Marks Coffee Barcelona
Never was I more excited for a specialty coffee shop to open in Barcelona, nor in the whole world. I am more than happy to show you Three Marks Coffee. The three guys from Three Marks Coffee definitely deserve a special place on The Exploring Barista, because they have a special place in my heart. Before I start showing off their café let me first tell you a little story.

The Story

Three Marks Coffee is created by three guys, two Marco’s and Marc. One of the Marco’s and Marc were working at Nømad Coffee not so long ago. That is where I met them. Their Nømad Coffee story starts way before mine and I could learn a lot from them. They were helpful, passionated and in my eyes real coffee professionals. But these guys were always modest and would never admit that. Other Marco came in later. There was an office above one of the cafés and Marco was working there on his own design project. I look back at the time at Nømad with such good memories. We all left around the same time and I always kept following them and I know that opening this café was not only a dream, but also a huge project. So proud I am of the three Marc(o)s that they did this and how!

Three Marks Coffee Barcelona Specialty Coffee Marc Marco

The specialty coffee shop

Three Marks is located close to metro station Marina. The guys choose the location wisely, because there are no other specialty coffee shops in the area. So they focus on offering good coffee to the neighborhood. It feels like this spot was destiny for them, because of the street name: Carrer d’Ausiàs Marc. Can’t be a coincidence right? The shop is spacious and bright, due to lot’s of windows and natural light. I like the industrial design. And luckily the sun shines like 300 days a year in Barcelona, so lot’s of sun light will make the café feel and look warm. Grey and white colors are predominant. The touches of red, I am sorry I mean coral, the green of many plants and some brown tones coming from the stools and of course the coffee. Downstairs you find the bar, the toilet, a cosy corner next to the big window to sit down and a sturdy industrial stairs will bring you upstairs where you can find more space to sit. A large table where you can easily sit all day to get some work down and get caffeinated. Or next to the railing where you have a nice view not only outside, but also on the bar downstairs.

Three Marks Specialty coffee shop Barcelona

Three Marks Specialty Coffee Barcelona shop


Roasted by Marco

Marco, former roaster at Nømad Coffee, is now roasting in charge of roasting for their own shop. They don’t have their own roastery yet, but I don’t think that will take so long. The guys are ambitious and they know what they want. When I visit the café they had two options for espresso; Costa Rica and Ethiopian. But next to using their own coffee, they also work with guest roasters. A pretty grey La Marzocco Linea PB is used to prepare the coffees. There is a Moccamaster present to provide you with batch brew. And two Victoria Arduino grinders for espresso and the Mahlkoning EK43 to grind the beans for filter coffees and extra beans. On the pretty designed menu you find not only espresso based drinks, but also filter coffee and cold coffees like iced latte, cold brew, frappetto and affogato. If you are not into coffee or bring a not-so-fan-of-coffee friend there is iced matcha, iced chocolate, homemade kombucha and infusions. To fill your belly pastries, yoghurt with granola, toast and some sandwiches will do the trick.

Three Marks Coffee Barcelona La Marzocco Linea PB

Three Marks Coffee Specialty Barcelona Espresso

Little details

What I loved the most about the café is all the small little details. You find books every where. You can find small little red (coral) things. If you ever visit the coffee shop and you sit on a stool, don’t forget to check which name it has! Maybe you sit on Yusepi his stool. Before walking in check the left wall next to the front door which is full of stickers. You will make Marc very happy if you bring some cool stickers. And maybe you find Marco’s bicycle under the stairs, which he can’t ride without a Three Marks sticker on it.

Three Marks Coffee sticker bike specialty coffee

Three Marks Barcelona specialty coffee stool

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    1. Hello Nick. Thanks a lot for your comment. I really love this place for the same reason, minimalist & industrial. Its always such a good combo. Thanks for your nice words. Means a lot to me! Barcelona is great, but I am sure Saint Louis has some pretty raw places aswell?

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