After my Berlin adventure it is time for a normal week. I am not sure if it really was normal week. My routine was so fucked up, i’ve been working seven days in a row and I was slowly getting sick, slowly dying. But I have time to recover now, and I have a happy mind.

It was hard to get back to my normal routine, because actually the first few days after being back from Berlin I was still keep living like I was on holiday (what I basically was, but for only 2 more days). I had a small house party on Saturday night, and had to work on Sunday. Even after 8h sleep, I wasn’t really recovered on Monday. Now looking back on it, I realize that probably the virus was already in my body. But my mind was focused on keep on going, because I was only off on Sunday.

It was quite a varied week. I’ve been working in all our three stores and I did one day on the OFFF festival, which is the design festival in Barcelona. It felt more like a food truck festival in summertime. Such a great atmosphere, food, Specialty Coffee and weather. I am happy I didn’t got sunburned.

The last two days of my work week I have been working in our newest shop in Raval, Nømad Every Day. Super fun, because we have more than just coffee. There is tea, matcha, cookies, juices, ice cream, and a very very big ice cream. I never made match in my life, so I decided to practice a bit and that’s what you will see in this video aswell. Next to that my friend Amilka came by again and it was so good to see him again. You can see this all in my new vlog! (+ new intro!) Let me know what you think!!


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