The freelance life. It’s not the easiest way, and I never expected that. But I am surprised how many doors are opening and closing in such a short time. And I am trying to get to used to it.

To become a freelancer was a well considered decision. I’ve been thinking about it for months and at some point I knew I just had to do this. My plans and were getting more clear and I know what life I want for me. That it was getting hard, difficult and stressful I knew. That it was going to be this stressful? I was prepared. But the last two weeks new opportunities are coming and opportunities I had are gone. Doors opening, doors closing. Every single day. I can’t say I am living a boring life and every day is a new day, an interesting day. That’s also what I was aiming for, so don’t get me wrong I am not complaining. I am just surprised how fast it goes. I am getting used it now and I know that every day will bring me a new surprise. It’s almost like Christmas every day. And I think this is happening, because I am open to it. I have a ‘bring it on’ attitude and I am looking and searching which way I wanna go. Do I go for the money or do I go after my values and do I stay true to myself. that’s some exactly something I’ve learned the last weeks. If it doesn’t feel good from the beginning, I have to drop it because it will never give me happiness, energy and value. I hope I can keep the positive energy as I have know and I hope I keep believing in myself, in my brand and what I believe in and that I will attract the projects and clients in this way.



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