So I am a barista. And with being a barista you get the barista life for free. It’s like a package deal. I am not sure if I have to say it’s the easy-peasy life, or not. Having just a coffee somewhere is not possible anymore. When friends invite me over or somewhere for a coffee, I have to check and probably say no to the coffee and go for a tea, because there is no specialty coffee. How was my life before I became a barista?

In every Instagram post I use the hashtag #baristalife. Yep, that’s my life. Already for four years, but lately it’s getting out of control. Sometimes I try to vision my life before I started to be a barista. Wasn’t life easier that way? I could go for a coffee everywhere. I didn’t really see the difference. Ofcourse I could say if I liked it or not, if it’s good or not. If the cappuccino had nice froth, not too much milk and it was easy to drink. Yes, it needed to be easy to drink. Well, the amount of sugar I was putting made it also easier to drink of course. Drinkable. Sounds hilarious right? I didn’t drink coffee because I liked it that’s for sure. I wasn’t even drinking coffee because I was addicted. Not at all. I was drinking this liquid because it was cool. It was a part of my culture and my roots. But I still didn’t understood the strong black filter coffee that my parents were drinking. This was too much culture for me. By the way I’ve wrote a blogpost about my roots and how coffee came in my life. You can read it here.

So that was trying to vision my life before I got into the coffee business. Now I am a barista. I am picky, cocky, arrogant and snobby. Friends laugh, complain or say nothing about my judgmental attitude when having a coffee together. Sorry my friends, I can’t help it. This is the barista life. I will do everything for a good coffee and I do my best for you to have one too.


I started working as a barista and assistant manager in June 2014 at Doppio Espresso in Enschede (The Netherlands). Here my passion started. From the first time I made a coffee with the Kees van der Westen spirit, I knew that this was it. This is my future. This pictures is taken in 2014, when I was being the manager of the place. I am enjoying a flat white with soya milk here. Good memories. Still missing it every day. The team, the coffee, the regular customers. 

I am not sure if it’s getting out of control or not. For example when I am exploring a new city, I have to look up places before I go there. You can call me crazy, you can call me nuts, I call it the barista life. My fellow baristas would probably understand this. There are apps, websites and there is Social Media to find good coffee all over the world. I like to use Pinterest. I search for the city in combination with the word coffee and beautiful places are showing up. If not, I might change my holiday destination. Another thing about traveling is that people ask me if I have a bucketlist. Or where I really want to go. The first thing that pops up in my mind is: ‘where can I have good coffee, where is an amazing coffee culture, where can I see coffee growing‘. That’s all that matters for me. So, while writing this blogpost it’s just one week away from my trip to New York! Guess how I choose this destination? Yes, coffee. There is the coffee festival and I will be wondering, I mean exploring, around the whole weekend. Than I have a few more days to have coffee in the city. I already have a list with sixteen, yes 16, coffee places. I’ve met some people from NYC at my job and they gave me their favorites. And ofcourse Pinterest helped me aswell. I have four days in the city, so I have to drink four coffees a day. I think I have to eliminate some places of my list.

But don’t worry! I am not complaining. Finding my passion in coffee is the best thing that ever happened to me. I feel complete. Like I found my soulmate. I am sorry I’m getting sentimental here. back to the barista life. I can tell you, it is an awesome life. You will never be lonely, you always have something to talk about and you always have a plan (or a mission) when on holiday and a never ending bucket list.


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