Specialty coffee & sleeping in Rotterdam

Specialty coffee & sleeping in Rotterdam
I got invited to spend the night in the new hotel The James in Rotterdam and this was the perfect reason to spend some time in this lovely city. Let’s eat, sleep, coffee, repeat! I fell in love with Rotterdam by the end of 2016 and I wrote a blogpost about it. If there is another chance to spend the night in this city, I totally say yes. I’ve invited my friend Sylvie to come join me. She works in Rotterdam, so we met after her workday went for dinner and some drinks, fell in a deep sleep in the cosy fluffy beds and in the morning she had to leave early for her job. This it was time for exploring Rotterdam and breakfast.


Like I said before I was invited by The James to come and do a sleep over for a night. This brand new pretty hotel in the centre of Rotterdam (Aert van Nesstraat, 25) was about to open and they were looking for guests to spend the night before the grand opening. To see if there is anything missing, or not working well. Well everything was working pretty damn fine! I was invited by my we-go-way-back friend Lara who works for The James. Walking in this hotel makes you feel like you walk in a 5-star hotel, even when it wasn’t completely finished when I walked in here. I guess it’s the combination of luxurious textile like velours and colors like gold and a dark ocean green. The James is unique in the three-star segment with 144 beautiful rooms. There is a 24/7 food market inside, so you will never be hungry. We were staying in a comfort twin room on the 17th floor with an amazing view over Rotterdam centre.

The James Hotel Rotterdam Where to sleepThe James hotel Rotterdam where to sleep



As you might know I am big fan of newbies. Don’t now why, maybe because there is some new energy flowing around which I really enjoy. The brand new shiny machines, inventory, furniture and not too many options going around online. Here is newbie Harvest Coffee Brewers, Glashaven 107, created by Zjevaun Janga and Loes Beljaars. Had a lovely coffee chat with Zjevaun. After being some time in Melbourne, Australia, it was time to go back to Rotterdam and use all their knowledge to create their own coffee place. And they totally rocked it. What an amazing location with a harbor view while sipping your coffee. It’s a bit hard to find, because it’s located in the middle of the harbor, but it’s a nice walk.

Coffee & Food

They use different roasters in the shop, like La Cabra, Manhattan Coffee Roasters and Man Met Bril koffie. Like always I ordered a double espresso. They had different coffees on the grinders to choose from, but I was going for La Cabra, Gishubi, Burundi, washed process, variety Bourbon, pretty high with 2200m. You could taste that it comes from pretty high altitude, because it was quite acidic. Exactly how I like my espresso. It was super fruity and really well made. This espresso made me so happy and I was sad when I reached the bottom of my cup. I’ve combined my espresso with some french toast, to make a perfect breakfast. This was the best french toast I ever had. Not too sweet, not too dry, not too moisturized and with juicy strawberries, crunchy roasted almonds and some sweet creamy sauce and syrup on the side. I wish I could eat them again. Right now. I am so happy Zjevaun and Loes opened up their own store, because it’s totally an addition to the Rotterdam specialty coffee scene. With not so many good coffee places in such a big town and no newbies for a long time, I think Harvest Coffee Brewers will be a great success. At least I will be visiting when in town, but I don’t think they will have problems finding specialty coffee loving customers!

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