Specialty coffee & sleeping in Den Bosch

Specialty coffee & sleeping in Den Bosch

Sleeping at Little Duke and sipping coffees at CoffeeLab and Drab Coffee. I almost forgot I had to go to Den Bosch for work. The best way to explore coffeeshops for me is to spend the night in the city. That’s what I did in Den Bosch.


Finding a good spot to sleep is so important when staying in a city. I really think that it can make or break your visit. When you don’t get your beauty sleep it’s hard to start the day exploring a new city in a good way. It always takes me some research and time to find the best spot in town. I have to say it was pretty difficult to find something in Den Bosch. A nice spot in the price range 50 – 100 euro per night. I always look for private rooms in a hostel or a cute affordable boutique hotel. After a good search I found Little Duke Hotel. And this small boutique hotel, Stationsweg 33, was exactly what I was looking for. Pretty rooms, good location and affordable. I was spending my night at the little room, but to be honest it wasn’t so little. A huge fluffy and cosy bed was filling the room. Still plenty of space for a small SMEG minibar, a place to hang your clothes and a television with free Netflix. Let me not forget the fan which was pretty useful that night, because it was 36 degrees that day. The bathroom is also pretty big, with a toilet and a comfy shower with lovely shower products from The Duke itself. A hairdryer and fresh soft towels made the bathroom complete. I have to say that I was using this two person room by myself, but there is definitely enough space for two! From my little room I had a nice view over Central Station that reminded me how great the location actually is. A big plus for the color of the room that is exactly the color or my blog!

Little Duke Hotel Den Bosch Where to sleep

Little Duke Hotel shower Den Bosch Where to sleep

Little Duke Hotel Little Room Den Bosch

Little Duke Hotel Little Room Den Bosch



Everybody knows it: coffee is always a good idea. But good coffee is not always that easy to find. Same as a nice place to sleep it also took me some time to find some coffee spots in Den Bosch. Number one, CoffeeLab, wasn’t so hard to find, because it’s actually located under Little Duke Hotel. How easy and cool is that? Sleeping and specialty coffee on the same address. Now you may know why I was such a big fan of this hotel. I could almost smell the coffee from my fluffy bed!


The first location of CoffeeLab was opened in Eindhoven in 2014. At central station to be precise. CoffeeLab was created by three guys that all have their own experience in hospitality. Rob Bongers, Jan-Willem van der Aa en Jeroen Veldkamp are the owners and they are connected by their love for coffee. In the three locations that they have at the moment, two in Eindhoven and the one in Den Bosch where I have been, the need for coffee is key. Next to that all three locations are created as “flexplekken”, which basically means hat this coffee shop is arranged for customers with laptops like students, freelancers and people that can work from other locations than an office. I see this more and more here in The Netherlands and I think this is a good idea with all the digital nomads nowadays. What I’ve seen in for example Paris, where coffee places are really small, that laptops are forbidden. I understand that some places need the flow of customers to survive, but I think larger coffee shops focussed on co-working is the future. And mostly these customers keep ordering food and drinks all day, so there is not a lost here. Anyway CoffeeLab knows how to do this.

No School Blend

CoffeeLab is using their own coffee. The day I visit the shop they only had their special blend. As you may know by now, I am not a big fan of blends. But normally they also have a single origins on the other grinder the kind barista girl explained me. So, I took a double espresso from their blend. I think I sipped the No School blend, which is a combination of South American (70% Brazil) and African (30% Rwanda) beans. It was well made, but just not my type of coffee. I combined my coffee with a tasty piece of banana bread.

CoffeeLab Den Bosch Specialty Coffee guide

CoffeeLab Den Bosch Specialty Coffee

CoffeeLab Den Bosch Specialty coffee Spirit Kees van der Westen



The next day I visit Drab Coffee. And first of all I have to say that when I walked in here I noticed that this place has character. With the use of dark wood, heavy leathers, woody colors and velours “old men” chairs in the back, you can’t deny the cosy feeling. I almost missed a fire place and glass of whiskey, but hey it was 30 degrees outside, so don’t bother about the fire place. But I guess you get the character that I try to describe here. Drab Coffee – Beans & Machines, is only 5 minutes walking distance away from Little Duke and CoffeeLab. In the heart of the centre of Den Bosch. This coffee shop is open for almost two years now and innovation is key here. They recently started with home made nitro cold brew from tap. I’ve tried their latest batch. Kenya nitro cold brew. Oh yes! Super tasty. To stay in Kenya coffee, I’ve sipped a beautiful juicy Kenyan espresso. All beans are coming from Blommers Coffee (from Nijmegen). This espresso made me super happy, because I haven’t had any Kenya espresso this season until that moment. Pure love. In a cup. I’ve stayed almost half a day at this shop, because I really felt home here.

Drab Coffee Den Bosch Specialty coffee shop

Drab Coffee Specialty coffee Bloomers Coffee Den Bosch

Drab Coffee Bloomers Coffee Den Bosch specialty coffeeDrab specialty coffee shop Den Bosch espresso bar

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