The Story

I’ve started working as a Barista in 2012 at a franchise coffee shop. I’ve been working as a Manager and Barista for almost two years. I achieved my SCA Barista Skills certificate here and some diplomas to be a Manager. After this I’ve worked in several specialty coffee shops in Barcelona, with one and a half year at the most famous café and roastery: Nømad Coffee. Where I learned a lot about preparing coffees, roasting and working with different espresso machines and grinders. Since January 2018 I’ve been working as a freelance Barista. The first six months in Barcelona in different cafés, events and congresses. The last six months of 2018 I’ve been working on several music festivals, events, fairs and in a specialty coffee shop in The Netherlands.

In 2016 it was time to start sharing my knowledge and passion with others and I became a Barista Trainer. I have fulfilled this position for six months at Costa Coffee in Barcelona. After this I gave several courses at Nømad Coffee. I love sharing and helping other baristas to become better and more professional in making coffee, using the equipment and expending knowledge about specialty coffee.

With all the experiences that I have as a Barista and Trainer and as a manager of a coffee shop I can offer my services as a Consultant. I can help buying the right equipment as a espresso machine, grinder, barista tools. But also the right coffee and milk. I can give advice in how to work efficient and keep your waste as low as possible. I have knowledge about different beverages and how to make a great menu. Next to this I have over 10 year of experience in Hospitality, working in restaurants and brunch places as a waitress, kitchen help and hostess. I am known for my high quality of customer service, efficient work, high level of hygiene and creating a hardworking and happy team.

Key points

Set up or improving the coffee quality
Creating a successful team
Waste controle
Clean and organized café
Stock level


Current project

Willow Urban Retreat – Melbourne