Specialty coffee in Breda

Specialty coffee in Breda

I’ve been so many times in Breda when I was younger. It was one of my favorite cities for shopping. Now I am older (and wiser?) I still love coming back here but for cups of coffee, because there are two of my favorite coffee shops in Breda; Kamu and Yirga.

Breda is a city with more or less 150.000 habitants in the south of The Netherlands. The city has a historical, but cozy centre with lot’s of shops, restaurants and bars. When you visit this city by train you have to walk through a beautiful large park where people are hanging around and you feel welcome immediately. There are lot’s of great places to visit in Breda, but my favorites are Kamu and Yirga.


It was time to leave Amsterdam behind me and heading south on my Dutch Coffee Tour. I was on my way to my family in the south, so it was time for a coffee stop in between. I’ve stop in cozy Breda. I’ve been in this city so many times, but never explored the specialty coffee culture here. My one and only stop in Breda was Kamu. I found this place in an article by Brabound about a hipster path to follow when exploring Breda. And this barista was totally going to explore. Kamu means pal or mate in Finish and this pal is combining specialty coffee, bicycles and pastries. Three things I really love. As you can imagine I had to go here and check it out. Kamu is bright and big. I love how they organized the place. Lot’s of seats, a large table in the middle, the bar on the side and a comfy sofa next to the window. This makes the place looks like one large combined concept. The combination of vintage and new interior makes the place looks more cosy and ofcourse the wooden elements, plants and bikes are helping to realize this as well. It was hard to choose from all the coffees that they are offering, but I decided to go for a Kenya coffee made with a v60. I was planning to stay for quiet some time, so there is nothing better than sipping a pour over for hours. Kamu is using coffee from White Label, a roastery based in Amsterdam. The filter coffee was what you expect from a Kenya, juicy and fruity, quiet acidic and well-made. Next to a beautiful cup of coffee you can also enjoy different kind of food, cakes and juices here. I had a beetroot smoothie and a slice of banana bread next to my coffee and it was the perfect breakfast if you ask me. Coffee to get caffeinated, beetroot smoothie for my daily vitamins and banana bread to fill my belly.Specialty coffee shop Breda KamuKamu specialty coffee shop Breda The Netherlandsspecialty coffee and bicycles Kamu Breda

specialty coffee shop Kamu white label coffee Breda


When entering Yirga you feel welcome immediately. It feels like walking in a friends place. It looks cozy and I love the interior. The red La Marzocco espresso machine is the first thing that got my attention. Not so strange, because you basically walk right into it. In combination with the red lamps, it looks like a Pinterest inspiration. When you will walk in Yirga right now you won’t find this espresso machine, but a brand new Linea PB. There are different places to sit. On the sofa in the cute corner in the back, in front of the window to watch people passing by, the large reading table, a table for two with your loved one or when it’s sunny on the terrace, at the bar or at the chef’s table. The day I visit the weather was nice, so my friend and I decided to take something cold to sip. A homemade cold brew and an Oatly iced latte it was. Yirga is using specialty coffee from Normo Coffee. It is great to see this roaster from Antwerp here in Breda. I love the coffee culture in Antwerp and I wrote a blogpost about this. After an erlenmeyer flask full of cold brew I was totally caffeinated. Next to good coffee, Yirga is well-known for their food. They have an extensive menu with all you could wish for. We enjoyed tasty sourdough bread with avocado, poached eggs and watercress, and if you like you can add some bacon as an extra with this sandwich. But Yirga change their menu twice a year, so you might don’t find the avocado toast on their menu. But don’t you worry child, everything is tasty! If you are not a coffee lover the tea is from a really good quality, and the homemade coolers, iced tea and kombucha will make you happy for sure. All cakes are homemade and very tasty. I can really recommend the lemongrass cheesecake and the gluten free almond orange cake. Last but not least, Yirga at Yirga you can find some really good natural wines! So whatever mood you have that day, you will find something that makes you happy.Yirga best coffee bredaCold brew iced latte Yirga Breda specialty coffee shopYirga Best coffee in Breda

Yirga Breda specialty coffee latte art ceramic cups studio emma sophiaAvocado toast sourdough bread Yirga Breda coffee shop


2 thoughts on “Specialty coffee in Breda

  1. Hey Mariëlla
    Thanks for a great review of Yirga, I love quality espresso and I’ll be sure to check it out next time I’m in Breda 😉

    1. Hi Brian! Thanks a lot for your comment. I am happy to hear that you liked the review and that you love a quality espresso. Let me know if you have visit Yirga! I can also recommend Kamu, if you can have 2 coffees a day 😉

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