Specialty coffee in Berlin

Specialty coffee in Berlin
A year ago I explored Berlin for the first time and damn it was love at first sight. So many cool specialty coffee places that I just had to go back this year. 3 more days in Berlin and I’m still not done with this city! There are so many coffee places in Berlin, that I have a never ending to-visit-list. Last year I’ve been to 10 specialty coffee shops. This trip I’ve been to four new ones.

The Barn Roastery

After checking out my hotel I was in desperate need of a cup of coffee. It was already 3 pm and I still didn’t had any caffeine in my body and I was up since 6:30. My plan was to go to The Barn Roastery. I haven’t been there last year, so I thought that would be a good first spot. I always love the coffee from The Barn Berlin. I’ve took a double espresso from Rwanda (Huye Mountain, washed process, red bourbon). It was really tasty, but the Rwanda espresso I had from Bonanza at Toki was a bit more interesting. That said, I had a really good experience at the roastery. Friendly staff, tasty cakes and a good atmosphere. The place looks great. Very industrial, but still cosy.

The Barn Berlin espresso roastery

THE BARN ROASTERY Berlin specialty coffee

Bonanza Roastery

The next day was my only full day in the German capital, so I wanted to enjoy it the fullest. It was time to catch up with my friend Tia and our first stop was Bonanza, the roastery, in Kreuzberg. I really love to wander around in the neighborhood and that was the plan for this day. Well let’s first start with coffee at Bonanza. It took me some time to find it, but it was worth the search. What an amazing location!

Bonanza specialty coffee roastery berlin

Bonanza specialty coffee The Exploring Barista Berlin

Happy Barista(s)

Because I’ve already tried the Rwanda espresso (Tumba PB) from Bonanza at Toki in Amsterdam I’ve decided to take a Rwanda filter (Gatare). My friend took a Colombian filter (El Carmen). After the experience of the incredible fruity acidic espresso, the filter couldn’t reach that level. It wasn’t as acidic as I hoped for. Doesn’t mean it wasn’t a good coffee, because it definitely was. I think the Colombian filter was more balanced and interesting. For our afternoon coffee we walked all the way to Happy Baristas. What a lovely and beautiful coffee place. We also got lucky, because the weather was amazing that day and with cold brew season started, I say easy choice. I’ve sipped a nitro cold brew on the terrace of Happy Baristas and a happy barista I was.

Happy Baristas Berlin Nitro Cold brew

19 Grams Chaussee

Friday was my last day in Berlin and I was really sad to leave already. Three days is way too short for Berlin, even if you have been there before. Tia and me decided to get our morning caffeine at 19 Grams. Again what a beautiful shop. Spacious and lot’s different places to take a seat. We found our comfy chairs upstairs and I’ve ordered a double espresso from Peru (Huabal Select). 19 Grams is using coffee from Tres Cabezas, also from Berlin. This espresso was super tasty and it was a pity they run out of these bags, otherwise I would have brought one back home. It was delightful to be here because of the friendly and helpful staff.19 Grams Chaussee Berlin specialty coffee guide

Father Carpenter

I finished my Berlin trip at Father Carpenter for a refreshing cold brew. It was made with a coffee from Colombia and FC is using coffee from Fjord. I have been here the first time I visit Berlin, but by that time it wasn’t cold brew season yet. So, last time I had a cold brew from a bottle which was okay, but I prefer a homemade brew. This one was so much better and really tasty. A perfect way to finish my trip even if I wasn’t ready to leave one of my fav cities in Europe. Berlin I will be back one day, because I love you!The Exploring Barista Father Carpenter Berlin specialty coffee guide

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