Specialty coffee in Antwerp part 2

Specialty coffee in Antwerp part 2

I’ve visit Antwerp for the last time in July for my coffee tour, but I haven’t been to all the places because the specialty coffee scene isn’t as small as you might think. So, it was time to go back!

The specialty coffee culture in Antwerp is growing pretty fast. Every time I am planning my trip my coffee friends from Antwerp are informing me about a new upcoming coffeeshop. This way my to-vist-list never ends (I am not complaining), so I have to keep returning to this lovely city (not complaining again). After Butchers Coffee, Black & Yellow and the new location of Caffenation, a new fresh café from Cuperus just opened. Guess where I had my caffeine shot? If you haven’t read coffee tour part 1, you can find it here.

Kolonel Koffie

This is actually the first place every that I’ve visited in Antwerp. I’ve been here three years ago and they just moved to this new location. By that time they were not a roastery yet, but since more or less a year Kolonel is roasting their own coffee. I’ve met the owners in the beginning of this year at Nømad Coffee in Barcelona and I was looking forward to visit them in Antwerp last July, but they were on a well-deserved holiday. So, this time first up was Kolonel. I’ve enjoyed a beautiful fruity citric Kenya hand brewed coffee. It was perfectly made and roasted. This location is bright, open and spacious. A great location for a digital nomad.


Cuperus opened a new fresh coffeeshop on Paardenmarkt. When making my Antwerp plan I’ved added the first (by that time the one and only shop of Cuperus), because I haven’t been there. Then my coffee friend Nick from Caffenation told me they are opening a new spot. After seeing some photos I knew I had to go here. After entering through the gigantic door, you see coffee bags, amazing furniture, lot’s of plants and all of this in an enormous space. To be honest it does feel a bit like walking into a furniture shop/showroom, but hey what’s wrong with that. Trying out furniture and sipping coffee. Sign me up! We took place on this super comfy sofa with a big mug of batch brew made with beans from Ethiopia. And my friend Wendy sipped a well-balanced sweet cappuccino.



Close to central station of Antwerp you find Viggo’s. A cosy living room coffeeshop with lovely coffee by Cuperus and/or Caffeination. The place feels comfortable and cosy which makes you stay and sip coffee for hours. I had a nice talk with the owner Tim and barista Evi. I’ve enjoyed a cappuccino with Oatly oat milk with beans from Ethiopia roasted by Cuperus. The coffee and the milk worked very good together. I could have stayed here for hours, but unfortunately I had to catch my train.

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