I can only say, I am celebrating Summer! When Summer is starting, my energy level is first going down and than I get in a party mood. That’s what you can see in this vlog. And ofcourse lot’s of coffee and fun.

This week was mostly about Sant Joan. They celebrate it big here in Barcelona. With firework, lot’s of booz and on the beach. The last two years I didn’t really celebrate this day, but this was the first year and I can only say it was perfect. We had a bbq on a rooftop, we drunk aeropress gin tonics all night long and finished the night on a beach rave party. Sant Joan is celebrated on the shortest night of the year to start the Summer. They also call it ‘Nit del Foc’, because there is firework and fires everywhere. The idea of this bank holiday is that the sun is reaching his highest point this day. The sun is the symbol of fertility and prosperity and they celebrate that with the firework and fire. It’s  a night about family, friends, food and dancing. And this is the first time I got that and I can’t wait till next year, but first I have a whole Summer ahead to have more parties, fun, coffee and food.



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