Did I already told you guys that Summer is awesome here in Barcelona and especially when you have a rooftop? I am really enjoying the sunny days, the outside parties and the lazy atmosphere that is going on. Not so much coffee (unless it’s cold coffee), but more water and other drinks are being consumed. That’s what you can expect this Summer, more coffee when the hot days are gone. Hope you understand.

Did anyone say nachos? Yes, I did. And the best one I ever ate actually. That’s where I started this week with at El Pachuco (tip: cash only!) And I’ve been to a event, Food MOB where I listened to inspiring speeches from starters in the food industry. I also suffered from migraine again this week, but that was the price that I had to pay after the party weekend. There was also a taco electronic party, but I don’t think you could call those things tacos. So when went to another party. Saturday we celebrated 150 years of Canada on the rooftop of a Canadian friend with salmon and maple syrup. Sunday I relaxed on the beach and had to say goodbye to a friend. Thanks for watching!


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