It was time for another La Marzocco party in Barcelona, because there was a damn good reason for it. They opened up their new beautiful fancy showroom up in Gracia. And La Marzocco Spain know how to organize a party.

No doubt about it that I entered a coffee party. When walking in the new showroom you see the brands name in shiny neon letters, a three group la Marzocco Leva welcomes you in and ofcourse the two Barista guys behind it. I mean what else do you need? Let me not forget about the coffee cocktails shaken by a pro. You think I got all I need, coffee, booz, brand new shiny machine and barista boys? Hold your horses there is much more to discover. I almost forgot to tell you that there was pizza everywhere. I mean literally everywhere. How could you forgot that it’s an Italian brand. No party without pizza.

La Marzocco logo free drink coin

What you don’t realize when walking in is that this new showroom is divided into no less than three layers. When I walked in I only saw the stair to upstairs, so that’s were we went first. This upper floor was heaven, because here you could get a real free coffee tattoo. Yes you hear me right. Real ones! Or maybe you can call it hell, because for some the sound of the tattoo needle and scratching your skin doesn’t seem so much fun. But for me it does. Hell yeah I put my name on that waiting list!

Back down again. There should be more? I guess there is a cupping somewhere? Oh there is a staircase going down. What would we find there in the basement? Calling this just a basement wouldn’t be fair. This huge space under ground is the hidden coffee secret place of the building. The cupping took place here and although I came a bit late I could still sip some coffees. Coffees from Roasters from everywhere were brought over for this event. I’ve tasted some pretty amazing coffees. on the tables.

After checking some machines and give a smile to the DJ we realized there was paper where you could write down your name. Not for fun ofcourse, but for competing in the latte art throwdown. As you might know now I am always in for throwing some latte down. What most of people might get wrong is that I love competitions and that I am never nervous. I am shaking as #%$@ people and I am always very happy for the barista that wins. Although I am a perfectionist, so yes you can see some disappointed in my face, just because I always think I could have done better. This time I had to do some incredible interesting latte art that I never done before. It was a good practice. The drawing was shit, but I was very proud of my textured milk. It was shiny, creamy and perfect textured. Focus on the positive part is my strategy nowadays. Oh and hey I made it to the semi-finals. That’s kind of a big things for me as well.

Like I said before, La Marzocco knows how to throw a party. The first and also the last party from the Italian espresso machine brand was OUT OF THE BOX, where I wrote a blogpost about with a cool video. If you haven’t seen that one you can check it here.

After the latte art throwdown, which took a bit longer than I expected, we still could get our free tattoo. Thanks to Tati from 19:28 Tattoo Parlour I finally have the little coffee bean on my arm that was on my tattoo list for already two years. It was destiny. It was the perfect moment and I am crazy happy with it. It’s perfect.

Tati Tattoo 19:28 Tattoo Parlour Barcelona The Exploring Barista

Thanks to La Marzocco for the party and I can’t wait for the next one. I do hope on a bit more daylight, so I can make some more photos and videos next time!


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