Can you believe it? It’s already November. I just realized this a couple of days ago when I was talking about December and the upcoming new year. A new year. Where did 2017 go?

I have the feeling it was only yesterday that it was still Summer in Barcelona and now it’s November and I am talking about my 2018 plans. Time flies when you are having fun and when you have a lot of plans. There will be a lot of changes for 2018 and now it’s the time to share them with you guys. All my ideas and plans are happening, so I can throw it in the world, spread the word and enjoy the excitement and happiness.


At the end of every year I set some goals. Goals for the upcoming year. What do I wanna reach? Where do I wanna go? Where do I see myself. I didn’t had so many goals for 2017, but one of them was to work as a freelancer or work part time by the end of the year. Ha! Guess what? I am gonna do it! I still can’t believe it. That I made the decision, the big step. But I did it. I am very proud of this and looking forward. Officially I will be self-employed from January 2018, but I finish my job on the first of December. It’s super scary and strange if I think about it. Working for Nømad Coffee was a dream and it’s been an amazing experience for the last one and a half year, but now it’s time to move on and start following my dream. Start building my own business. Just being grateful for the opportunity I had and the things that I’ve learned. There wasn’t a better place to learn so much about specialty coffee and work with these amazing people as in Nømad. Going to stop now, because I am getting emotional.

Last March. Making coffees at Nømad Every Day. Gonna miss this!

So, self-employed. Sounds cool right. I am not used to it yet, but it will come with time. There is a lot I need to learn about being self-employed, but that’s part of the adventure right? New things are always scary, but always good. Before starting this, I will be traveling for one month. Leaving next week already. First up is Paris. Staying there for two days and I have a collaboration with a hostel. More about this later. Then I take the train to Antwerp. Staying there aswell two days. After this I will spend some time with my family and I will visit Amsterdam. From Amsterdam I have a flight to Copenhagen. Staying there for six days and I also have a collaboration. Next up is Stockholm. Will be there for eight days and I finish this trip in Oslo where I will stay for five days and I will meet up with a coffee girl. So, what you can expect is a lot of new content. Where to drink specialty coffee, where to eat, where to chill, where to sleep. How to spend your days in these cities. On budget though, because I am unemployed. But I never felt so rich!

After coming back from my trip I am going to focus on my blog and YouTube channel and I will start building up my business where you can hire me as a freelance Barista, Barista Trainer and Consultant. Thanks for reading, following me, inspiring me, motivating me and believing in me. Lot’s of love!


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  1. Oh my gosh wow! Congrats on this huge step! You are a gutsy girl ❤ I hope those coffee beans make it to you at some point during all these exciting happenings – but methinks you deserve a new years gift as well 😀

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