My first coffee experience

Don’t worry. I won’t talk about unicorns and fairytales. I am going to talk about how coffee came into my life and how it stayed there. A bit more personal. Back to my youth and my roots.

Never again

Thinking of my first experience with coffee I have to go back to primary school. Where the teachers were drinking big mugs of filter coffee during the day so they can keep up with the hyperactive kids. I remember that in our last year of the school we had to do coffee duty. To bring around coffee and tea to all the teachers. We had to prepare the coffee and tea in the schools kitchen. This was the moment to put salt in their mug or five sugars and thinking this was funny (like they didn’t noticed). And this was also the moment to try coffee yourself. Putting two sugars and a lot of milk in a small mug. Trying to be cool and say that you liked it, but actually never wanted to drink this weird liquid ever again.

So from that moment I knew what it was, coffee. But I didn’t felt a lot for it. I saw my parents sipping coffee three times a day. In the early morning, in the afternoon around 15:00 and then together with the guy from the 8 o’clock news. For me just a lemonade and a biscuit. It stayed like this for many years. I can’t remember me touching coffee ever again after that first experience in primary school. Until I was 20 years old and started an internship. The addiction of coffee started, definitely not the love. I kept telling myself I needed the coffee to keep me alive at the office. The relaxing life of being a student was over. This was the real life and I was being an adult now. Which comes together with drinking coffee. Coffees from a DE (Douwe Egberts) machine in the hallway. The moment to chat with colleagues and then go back to your desk with a cappuccino made by the machine (how could I ever drink this?) Well back to my desk. 8 hours in the office and then going home to write a thesis. I definitely needed coffee to stay awake, so I was even drinking cappuccino at home made by Senseo (really? Yes, really).

Caramel macchiato please

In the end I finished my thesis and my study (thanks to the terrible coffee) and I worked some time as a hostess in a fashion company. I had to clean and refill the DE machines. Now I knew what was inside this machine. Maybe it was better not knowing what I was drinking? Anyway after so many years working in hospitality I never worked with real coffee and it was getting popular, so I decided to apply for a Barista job. Without any luck. I moved back to the east of Holland and applied to another coffee place, with luck this time! My love for coffee started here at Doppio Espresso. I loved making them, but I wasn’t a hardcore coffee consumer yet. To be honest I just loved the smell and didn’t really drink it after finishing my thesis. The manager at that time told me to start with a caramel macchiato (hello sugar). After getting used to it I started drinking a bit more stronger coffees like cappuccinos, but still with a syrup inside. Trying to lose my sugar addiction I quit the syrups. After a year or so I loved coffee and I was drinking flat whites. I learned to drink coffee and to appreciate this black liquid. I wanted to know more about the whole process and started reading and studying. My job gave me the opportunity to do a SCAE course, the barista skills

Filter coffee

I remember the day the Moccamaster arrived at my job. A filter machine like my teachers and parents? Why would people want to drink this? Till I tried the first cup. A Colombia with so much flavor. Okay, I can see the difference here. It is interesting but I still enjoyed drinking a flat white more. The filter coffee movement didn’t really start yet, at least not in the part where I was living. Didn’t expect that I would become so popular and awesome.

I don’t really remember when I ordered my first filter coffee, but I know it was in Barcelona. Probably at Nømad like 1,5 year ago. I think it was a Kenya v60. From that moment I didn’t stop sipping filters anymore. It felt like coming home. Back to my roots. Back to my first experience with coffee, but without the milk and the sugar and in a new modern interesting way. Filter coffee was always in my heart, it just needed to be triggered. As a Dutch girl living abroad you can forget about and live without Gouda cheese, bicycles and tulips, but as soon as you touch it again you remember how much you missed it. Same with filter coffee. I now enjoy hand brewed and batch brewed filter coffees everywhere in the world.

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