A few months ago I did a coffee rehab, because I thought I was addicted to coffee. Is that actually possible or is it only a habit? Anyway, I figured out that I wasn’t that addicted as I thought I was, because now I am much more addicted. Let me tell you about my addiction.

I don’t know if you remember my post about my coffee rehab, otherwise you can read it here. In short, I went to rehab. My own rehab for my coffee addiction. When I think about it now, I wasn’t that addicted actually. By that time I thought I was and I needed to have some days without coffee. I actually did that for 18 days. The first five days were awful. Headache, not being concentrated and being focussed, just thinking about coffee. But after five days I actually started to feel better. I never felt anxious or hyperactive anymore. I was feeling good. When I started drinking coffee again it directly hit me hard. Not the perfect first experience with coffee after so many days, but slowly my body got used to it again. I was just drinking awesome coffees in the weekend. The coffee at my job, by that time, wasn’t Specialty Coffee. Easy to leave aside. I could easily say no to the robusta, say no to coffee. Until I changed my job.

Changing my job was the best thing that ever happened. Don’t get me wrong. I had a good job, a good position. Being a trainer was amazing. Because of this job I figured out that this is what I love to do, educating. But my passion for coffee was too big for this commercial company . I wanted to work with Specialty Coffee. And as you may have seen, that happened. I did a trial at Nømad Coffee and while writing I am working here for almost six weeks now. Best six weeks ever. I’ve learned already so much in this short time. I’ve also drunk so much coffee in this short time. It’s so difficult to resist when there is only good, what am I saying bloody good, coffee around me. A little sip of this, a little sip of that. Didn’t really realize that I got addicted. Until that one day..

That one day of trying not to drink coffee for a day. Just one day. How hard could it be? I will tell you, very very hard. It was a Monday, a regular Monday in September. I started the day with a short run, a smoothie and lots of water. A great way to start a new week. Cleaning up my body. The moment I walked in at my job my body, my head, my heart started to hunker to coffee. Give. Me. Coffee. Please. It really happened. I was stronger than this. I ignored it. I think I’ve managed six hours without coffee, but with terrible headache. Than I gave over. I gave over to the coffee. To the addict in me. But I didn’t felt better actually. I was shocked. Just one day without coffee. I couldn’t do it. I was addicted, I really was. Hello world, here is a coffee addict speaking.

When I think about it, maybe it wasn’t the perfect day and moment to do a day without coffee. It was like putting a drug addict in a room full of drugs. You can watch it, but you can’t play with it. I realized that I had to do it on a day I am not working. I am off every weekend, so that would work. At the moment I am really enjoying my coffee in the weekend. Waking up with a glass of cold brew, because it’s still very hot in Barcelona. The coming weekend I will be in NYC and visiting the New York Coffee Festival, so not the perfect timing either. Maybe when I come back from New York. Let’s see how that will work out. Maybe I just need to accept it. I keep you posted. For now, I take another sip of my coffee and I am ready to roll.


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