Moving Abroad for Coffee Part 2

Moving Abroad for Coffee Part 2

It’s been almost nine months since my first moving abroad story. Almost as intense as pregnancy (as I heard). A lot has changed and I think this is the perfect moment for an update. No baby has born, well not a human being, but my blog definitely did. Together with my happiness, new friends, coffee knowledge and two new jobs.

So, nine months. Quit some time no? Well, not for me. It went so fast. I don’t know if you have read my story, but it wasn’t a happy fairly tale by that time. Now I can say that this fairy tale has a happy end after all. While writing that first story I just survived an evil witch chapter of my life and I was kind of crawling out of it. Back to the light. Starting my blog was the best thing I could do by that time. Since starting it already brought me so much. Words that popping up are blessed, lucky, greatful,  thankful and amazed.

In this previous blogpost (if you haven’t read it, you can read it here) I wasn’t positive nor negative. I was like Switserland. Making the best out of it. I was living my life here, but not really enjoying it. Working with coffee, but not 100% standing behind the product. Having some friends, but not really meeting new people. Talking Spanish, but not really being part of the conversation. A bit lonely even. Until six months ago I was still planning to leave Barcelona. Going back to The Netherlands or explore a new country. But I’m still here. Things have changed completely.

There are several reasons that things has changed. Let’s start with the change of job (the first one). At the end of my previous story you could read that I was becoming a trainer at Costa Coffee. I was looking forward to this. This was what I wanted, my goal. I’ve learned a lot during this job. More knowledge about coffee and teaching and I improved my Spanish. Still I was not completely happy during my job, but didn’t realize it though.

Do you know when I was the happiest person? Yes, when I was off. Time for good coffees, meeting new crazy coffee people and do things for my blog. I kind of forced myself in the beginning of my blog to go to every coffee event, meeting or new coffee place opening that was happening in town. Showing my face, talking to people, creating content for my blog. Ofcourse I was happy to be surrounded by coffee, so forcing sounds a bit heavy. But I had to get out of my comfort zone. Getting out, being around new people, talk Spanish. I could have say, okay not this time I will go the next time, but I didn’t. It made me feel strong and meeting new people gave me so much energy and happiness. Slowly I started to get to know the people, and the people starting to know me. It was so nice to talk about coffee all the time. I am thankful for the people I’ve met, what they taught me and the opportunities they gave me. Cuppings, playing with machines, helping out in a specialty coffee place, visit a roastery. Wow!

Enjoying a cup of filter coffee at Nømad Roaster’s Home (October 2015)

So just a few weeks ago I saw this barista job offer. My actual plan was to start working with specialty coffee next year. Well, this came out different. I was missing specialty coffee so much in my job. To have it only in my free time wasn’t enough anymore. So back to this job offer. I applied. Without realizing I wasn’t totally happy in my current job. With fear that I was giving up something beautiful. But I got invited for an interview here and it felt really good. A few days later I had a message from another big specialty coffee place asking me if I was interested in an interview with them. Well, yes! From not really being looking another job, I had two opportunities in front of me. Thank you karma. I did trials in both cafés. Which was amazing. Working with passionated people, bloody good coffee and the nicest customers.

Now I can happily tell you guys that I just started as a barista at Nømad Coffee. An amazing opportunity. I have new goals to reach. Two years ago I had my first good coffee in this place and now I will be on the other side of the bar. Making amazing coffees for other coffee lovers. I already learned a lot in my first week there and can’t wait to learn more.


Enjoying a shot of nitro cold brewat my new job.

As you can read my life changed completely in the last nine months. I am happy here in Barcelona and definitely not planning to leave for a while. Enjoying and having fun every day. Looking forward to my new job. And I will be an aunt and the end of the year. There will be a baby born after all. A baby that I will spoil so much, with presents, love and yes, coffee.

Life is good. And don’t forget to be nice to Ms. Karma. One day it will come back.

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