Merry Christmas coffee lovers! I got really inspired by my trip to Scandinavia and got in a crazy Christmas mood (although I lost it a bit since I’m back in Barcelona. But still wanted to create a vlogmas! Enjoy!

I am now living in Barcelona for 3,5 years, so I there have been three Christmas’ in this sunny city. Every year I decided not to go back to The Netherlands, just because I am not a big Christmas lover. Next to that plane tickets are way overpriced, so I decided to make myself an awesome Christmas. I always have been pretty comfy by myself. I can do whatever I want, eat whatever I want and just make my own rules. Rules? I mean habits, because with Christmas there are no rules.

In this video I show you my Christmas presents that are ofcourse all coffee related. I show you my Christmas outfit, because pyjama all day is awesome, but I like dressing up. I make some coffee and I prepare some food.

Thanks for watching! <3



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