Finally it was time for my long planned trip to Málaga. I was meeting my friends from Holland here and I also had some coffee meetings planned. I was totally ready for some holiday and explore the specialty coffee culture of Málaga.

I didn’t really plan the trip. I had some things in mind, but I was also taking it easy and see what my friend were up to. The only things I had on my list was visiting Ronda and visit a couple of coffee places, and meet up with barista Juan for some coffee talk. Everything went so easy and chill, that I really felt like holiday. The only disadvantage, my stay in the hostel. It wasn’t the hostel that was bad, not at all! But my roommates. You will see it in my weekly vlog. But mostly you see fun things, lot’s of food, some adventures, coffee and street art. Soon a Málaga travel guide online with tips and tricks! But first this video.


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