Being back in The Netherlands for only two days and already got my first freelance barista job: making coffee on Defqon1, a music festival that is all about the harder music styles.

Before talking about my first gig, let me start with the beginning of the week. This week was actually pretty intense, because on Monday and Tuesday I was still in Barcelona and working on a medical congress. I was hired by Esther Maasdam and I was really happy to work for her. She is such a great coffee professional and girl boss. And now she also roasts her own coffee, under the name Manhattan Coffee Roasters, for the events so I was honored to work for her. I was working with Julian, a coffee professional from London, and it was so easy-going and fun to work with him. I was happy I could spend my last days in Barcelona like this. I’ve got good memories about the last days and that’s all I needed. I was completely ready to leave the city, because for the last three weeks I was meeting up with friends and visiting coffee shops. Of course there are still people that I haven’t seen before leaving, but I know I come back in October and it’s never a goodbye. I’m sure I will see them again.

On Tuesday evening, my last evening in the city, I met with an old friend that I haven’t seen for a year but I know him since the beginning in Barcelona. He was a big part and support when I was settling down in the city. It was such a coincidence. We met in my favorite neighborhood Clot where I was living for a long time. We had a beer at the place where we’ve been so many times. I don’t believe in coincidence.. it was faith and the perfect way to close my Barcelona chapter. I’ve created so many memories and that’s all I need.

And then it was Wednesday June 20, the day I was leaving Barcelona. My flight was in the morning. I gave my roomie Patti a big hug and took a taxi to the airport. I thought I would cry when leaving my room, but strangely I was really calm. I guess it was the good moment to leave. At the airport I was really afraid my bags were way too heavy, because I could hardly carry them. But everything was fine. After an easy flight and train ride I arrived in Bergen op Zoom where my mom was waiting for me. The smile on her face and making a photo of me with all my bags was also a moment I won’t forget. Coming home never felt so good as this time. I still don’t know why. My parents also made it so easy for me. It felt so welcome. They cleaned up my room, made spare keys of the house and the car and bought some veggie burgers for dinner. I am so lucky to have a home and parents where I can go back to.

Thursday morning was about fixing my papers and packing my backpack again. I was heading to Breda to stay the night at my friend Sylvie, so I could easy go to Defqon on Friday morning. I went pretty early to Breda, so I had time to get a cup of good coffee at Kamu. I was craving for a double espresso. Kamu is combining coffee and bicycles and it’s always a pleasure being here. With a double espresso by White Label I could sit here all afternoon, but it was time to go to register myself as a freelancer in The Netherlands. Unfortunately I needed to wait till I was officially registered in The Netherlands, so have to go back to the office another time. In the evening I went to buy a tent for my camping experience at Defqon and was reunited with Sylvie!

Kamu Specialty Coffee and Bicycles Breda

Friday morning, super early, I was on my way to Walibi in Biddinghuizen where the festival took place. The train ride was going all well, but arriving at the festival it was one big drama. I was also a bit overwhelmed and everything was pretty bad organized, it was cold and had a couple of rain showers on my head. I wasn’t really amused, so I was happy to be in my tiny tent to discharge. Easier said than done. I was freezing during the night and really thinking I would loose my toes because of the cold. But I had a good vibe on Saturday and I was really enjoying the experience. We were with a coffee car on the camp side and all the festival people were super nice and funny.

On Saturday and Sunday eve I also went to the festival to do some dancing with a colleague and watch the fire work. Defqon is not only famous for the harder music styles, but also for the amazing end shows with fire work. And luckily we also found on both evenings a small stage with electronic music. And what made this festival also pretty awesome, the Vegan Junkfood Bar was on the festival. Festival + vegan food me likey! What an amazing experience. I was completely done on Monday after our last shift, but it’s not so strange if I think what an intense week it was. From working in Barcelona, to moving back to the Netherlands, to making coffee on Defqon. But I can only say how lucky I am that after being back for two days I already had a job! Like I said I don’t believe in coincidence. It was faith, it was the moment, it had to be like this. Do you believe in coincidence?

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