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Chiang Mai is an upcoming city with never ending cool hostels to choose from. I’ve stayed in Suneta Hostel Chiang Mai which gave me the luxury feeling of a hotel, even if it’s a hostel, that helped me relaxing in this vibrant city.

I already knew that was Chiang Mai was upcoming and probably the place to be for new specialty coffee places, but I didn’t expect so many cool hostels. It was hard to choose, but I was in need of some private space. So that’s what I was going for. After spending some time on I found the perfect place to stay: Suneta Hostel Chiang Mai.


Chiang Mai isn’t such a big city. I think it’s very compact and well-organized. Especially if you come from Bangkok. There is like a square shaped centre in the city, the old town, surrounded by a river. You find the train station on the east side and the airport on the west side, outside the city centre. You find Suneta Hostel just before entering the centre and only 10 minutes by taxi from the train station. For me a good location to start exploring Chiang Mai. As well because it was close to two cafés I wanted to visit: Graph Café and Gateway Coffee Roaster. I was going to stay three nights in Suneta. Then going to Pai for a couple of days. After I would come back to Chiang Mai for five more nights to explore some other areas, hostels and specialty coffee shops.


I choose Suneta, because I needed some private space. I booked a single bedroom with shared bathroom. I love the style of the room. Simple, minimalistic and just enough space. It’s all I need. Oh and a cosy bed, a soft pillow and some white linen. There was a fluffy big towel already waiting for me on my bed. Definitely a plus! The window is small, but it gives enough day light. The room comes with AC, which is also a plus. A tiny desk if you need to get some work done (I can recommend to sit downstairs in the shared livingroom/kitchen). I was using the night table/desk and stool for my stalling my stuff. Enough space on the floor to leave my backpacks. A large mirror will help you to get out of your room in a good state. I’ve paid €15 per night through for this comfortable private room. Suneta also offers beds in 8-bed dorms which are a couple of euros cheaper. The rooms look pretty and comfortable. You can also take a 2-persons private room with two separate beds and shared bathroom, a family room with private bathroom or a double room with one or two beds and private bathroom. Enough possibilities! All rooms are in the same kind of style. Lot’s of dark wood, white linen and white or dark colored walls.


Because I had a shared bathroom I can only share this experience. I had an amazing experience. The bathroom looks really beautiful, clean and minimalistic. The showers are huge and the tiles are so pretty you almost forget to wash yourself and keep staring at them. Pretty and good smelling shampoo and soap are provided, so don’t worry if you didn’t bring any, you run out or you just like those better. I was impressed by how clean everything was. Like I said before Suneta gave me the luxury of a hotel.


With a booked room you will have a European breakfast in the morning in the shared living kitchen. There is bread, which you can toast, some marmelade, butter, fresh fruits, cereals and orange juice and water to drink. You will find a sweet Thai lady asking you how you would like your eggs and she prepares it all fresh for you. What a luxury! This area is also very good to calm down after some exploring and the large reading table was my place in the evening to get some work done. There was a pleasant atmosphere over here.


The staff at Suneta Hostel Chiang Mai was very welcoming and helpful. When I checked in I got a tour and they brought me to my room. The boy and girl at the reception I’ve met, created a relaxing and easy atmosphere. Let me not forget about the fluffiest member of Suneta Hostel Chiang Mai. There is a cute little hostel cat walking around. For me definitely a plus, because I am a crazy cat lady! When I was staying in the hostel this kitty was just laying in a chair next to the door, so don’t be afraid that he walks into your bedroom!

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