This week my friend from high school came to visit me in Barcelona. It was such a lovely easy going weekend with lot’s of food and wandering around the city. It was also the weekend of La Merce, but to be honest I didn’t had the energy to be surrounded by tons of people, so we took it easy.

You might get hungry when watching this video. Ive been to so many amazing restaurants. After three years on my to-visit-list I finally went to El Nacional. I was so happy that two Dutch friends came over and we could have a great dinner here. On Friday La Merce started, but the only thing I was interested in was Van Van, the food market (ofcourse). Ive been there on Friday and on Saturday night. It was oh so yummy! Next to that we had lunch at Caravelle and Cometa ofcourse combined with a cup of lovely coffee.



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