That the coffee culture is growing in Barcelona is a fact. Specialty coffee shops are popping up, cuppings-, championships and latte art throw downs are being organized, the second edition of the Independent Barcelona Coffee Festival is done and now there was the first La Marzocco event. La Marzocco was celebrating their 90th birthday. So time for a party!

So many events in a row. The Aeropress championship, Independent Barcelona Coffee Festival and followed up with Out of the Box. Some people say they think it’s too much. I think you can never have too many events about specialty coffee. Trying new coffees, meeting new passionated people and get more knowledge and experience. I say bring it on I would say.

The event took place on the 10th of June in a luminous space in a cosy alley. Never been in this place before, but I think it was perfect for this event. The day started around 11 am. and it would take all day. When I arrived you could pick up your goody bag with tokens for lunch, dinner and a drink. Time to check the agenda and plan which seminars I wanted to attend.


Around 11.30 there was the big opening speech by Marcos Zoya and then the day officially started. There were different seminars, cuppings and workshops planned during the day. Next to that you could try different espresso from different roasters. There was also the Spanish Aeropress championship (which took a bit too long) and in the end there was the latte art throw down (with handicap) and a little afterparty.


I started the morning with a seminar from FAF (Fazenda Ambiental Fortaleza) about specialty coffee farming ethics: total quality. FAF is a coffee farm in Brazil that has the mission to be a completely sustainable farm. This farm has been in the Barretto Family since 1850. It was interesting to hear about their mission, ideas and the way they work.

After this some of my friends arrived and we have been trying different espressos, networking and tried some coffees in the cupping from IWCA (International Women’s Coffee Alliance). There were some incredible coffees on the cupping table. Later on we also followed a seminar from IWCA. I think it’s very good to focus more on women in the coffee industry.

Aeropress championship

At 13:30 it was lunch time organized by Somewhere Café. It was well organized with super yummy food. I enjoyed a poke bowl. After eating, socializing and the first beers, it was time for the Aeropress championship. Some of my friends were competing, so I was there to support them. After they competed I decided to go home to get changed, relax a bit and make myself ready for dinner and the latte art throw down, because I was competing. After my rest we had dinner (and more beers). Again the food was made by Somewhere Café and I ate delicious nachos and I was ready for the competition.

Latte art throw down

The latte art throw down was not a normal competition, but it was with handicap. This means that there were two dices used in the game. One shows the kind of latte art that has to be done (rosetta, tulip, heart) and the other dice shows the handicap (your other hand, only one hand, eyes closed). Everything was possible. I had to make a five layer tulip with my left hand. Never practiced with my other hand before, so wasn’t a great success. But after all I had tons of fun and that’s where it is all about. Okay I am lying. I totally wanted to take the mini La Marzocco home with me. We finished the night with some mojitos and dancing and then it was time to go home.

What a great success La Marzocco. Thanks a lot!


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