It was time to leave Amsterdam behind me and heading south on my Dutch Coffee Tour. I was on my way to my family in the south, so it was time for a coffee stop in between. I’ve stop in cozy Breda. I’ve been in this city so many times, but never explored the specialty coffee culture here.

My one and only stop in Breda was Kamu. I found this place in an article by Brabound about a hipster path to follow when exploring Breda. And this barista was totally going to explore. Kamu means pal or mate in Finish and this pal is combining specialty coffee, bicycles and pastries. Three things I really love. As you can imagine I had to go here and check it out.

Kamu is bright and big. I love how they organized the place. Lot’s of seats, a large table in the middle, the bar on the side and a comfy sofa next to the window. This makes the place looks like one large combined concept. The combination of vintage and new interior makes the place looks more cosy and ofcourse the wooden elements, plants and bikes are helping to realize this aswell.



It was hard to choose from all the coffees that they are offering, but I decided to go for a Kenya coffee made with a v60. I was planning to stay for quiet some time, so there is nothing better than sipping a pour over for hours. Kamu is using coffee from White Label, a roastery based in Amsterdam. The filter coffee was what you expect from a Kenya, juicy and fruity, quiet acidic and well-made.


Next to a beautiful cup of coffee you can also enjoy different kind of food, cakes and juices here. I had a beetroot smoothie and a slice of banana bread next to my coffee and it was the perfect breakfast if you ask me. Coffee to get caffeinated, beetroot smoothie for my daily vitamins and banana bread to fill my belly.



Don’t be afraid to leave the big cities behind, because there is also good specialty coffee and awesome places to find here.

Boschstraat, 31

Mo – Fr: 09.00 – 17.30 
Sa: 09.00 – 17.00 
Su: 11.00 – 17.00


3 thoughts on “KAMU | BREDA”

  • So cool you found Kamu through our Hipster Route! We are seriously in love with the place. And thanks for mentioning us. 🙂 We will definitely use your tips when we are in Amsterdam next time. Love good filter coffee!

    • Thanks for responding! I really liked the blogpost about Breda. Been in Breda so many times, but this time I walked around with a different eye. I was so happy that I experienced Kamu. Amazing place! <3 Filter coffee!

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