Independent Barcelona Coffee Festival

Independent Barcelona Coffee Festival

A whole weekend full of sipping coffee, meeting fellow coffee lovers, -professionals and -addicts. And let us not forget the coffee newbies. This was were the Independent Barcelona Coffee Festival was all about. I can only say, the coffee festival was a great success!

IBCF was scheduled fortwo days, Friday 5 and Saturday 6 of May. Friday was for professionals and you needed to buy a ticket for this day. Saturday was open for public and it was for free. Like last year, the festival took place in Espacio 88 (where you can also find SKYE Coffee) in Poblenou. I think the perfect location in Barcelona for this festival.

It was the second edition of IBCF and I was looking forward to it. Last year I’ve been at the festival as a visitor when I just started with The Exploring Barista. This  year it would be different because I was leading the main cupping on the professional day. Proud that I was!

My coffee festival adventure actually started on Thursday evening. I had a meeting at Espacio 88 about preparing the cuppings on Friday. We more or less prepared some things for the cupping, so we had less work on Friday morning because we had to be there at 07:00.

Cupping time

It wasn’t hard to wake up so early on Friday morning, because I was really looking forward to it. I’ve prepared already so many cuppings at my job, but still I was a bit nervous because there would be only professionals. But luckily I was with my coffee buddy Ivette and the first cupping went well. There were 22 coffees from 11 (Spanish) roasters. After that we prepared three more cuppings. There were other masterclasses and presentations going on that day, but I haven’t really seen them because I was at the cuppings. When everything was done, it was time for the Oatly Latte Art Throw Down organized by La Cherry. They were looking for some more participants, so I decided to put myself on the list. I am happy I did that, because it was a good experience. Check the video to know how good (or how bad) I did it.


Open for public

Saturday it was the day that everybody was welcome and everybody felt welcome. I was happy to see so many people showed up. There were workshops, presentations and lots of coffees (espresso and pour-overs) to try. Unfortunately I had to work in the café, so I couldn’t stay so long. In the end I didn’t mind because it was so busy and I already had an awesome day on Friday. Thanks to the organization of IBCF, the people from All Those. Everything went so smooth and it was amazing to be working on the festival.

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