How to: Turkish coffee

How to: Turkish coffee

For my first big freelance barista job I was lucky to work on the World Mobile Congress where I made my first turkish coffee. I had the opportunity to work with a roaster from Jordan: Dimitri’s Coffee. Great coffee and an amazing experience!

Freelance Barista

It was a great opportunity to do my first big event now I am a freelance barista. I got this job via-via and I didn’t had that much info before arriving on the event. I left, not that early, with my suitcase with all my barista tools and some nerves as well. Luckily I already knew what kind of machine and grinder I was going to use. Because of the excitement I forgot about my nerves. I was also very thrilled with my badge that said: The Exploring Barista. Together with my tools and my awesome batch I knew it was going to be a great experience.

I was working together with one of the owners and head roaster Hishan from Dimitri’s Coffee. It’s funny how fast you get a good vibe and connection when you are both so passionated about the same thing: coffee. I was pulling shots and Hishan was doing the milk and making Turkish coffees. Together we were brewing filter coffee with an automatic filter machine all day.

Freelance barista at World Mobile Congress Hishan Dimitri's Coffee

Together with Hisham Abubaker from Dimitri’s coffee

About Dimitri’s Coffee

Dimitri’s Coffee® is the brainchild of three brothers: Waleed, Salah Aldin & Hisham Abubaker. Founded in Amman in 2014, Dimitri’s is the byproduct of Hisham’s ever-wandering curiosity. For four years, he visited more than 15 countries in Europe, Africa, and East Asia, touring local coffee roasters and houses and spending hundreds of hours tasting specialty coffees and experiencing different coffee cultures! Then we decided to establish a state of art specialty coffee roastery here in Jordan; “Why not?”. –

If you wonder where the companies name comes from. Hisham his nickname always has been Dimitri’s since he grew up, so picking a name for the brand wasn’t that difficult.

Working on events is always a good experience, because everything you learned in a specialty coffee shop you have to drop. There is mostly not a lot of space (and water) to keep everything super clean. And mostly events are super crazy busy, so also not that much time. It depends on the kind of event, but on events that are not focused on food or drinks people just want their coffee, their daily caffeine. Next to this I like to work with different people, different coffee, different customers all the time. It keeps me excited and focussed. The other good thing is that like this I keep working with different machines and grinder and that’s perfect to practice and for my experience.

Freelance The Exploring Barista World Mobile Congress Barcelona

I was amazed how proud Jordan people are of their country, culture and coffee. Everybody know Dimitri’s coffee and they kept telling how much they love this coffee. Also Jordan people are so friendly, kind and kept inviting me to their country. I lost count how many times people asked me to come back to Jordan and work there as a barista.

One the second day Hisham explained me how to make Turkish coffee and it’s exactly super easy and fun to make. In the beginning I was a bit afraid of the gas bottle to refill the heater, but after a while I got used to it. Let me explain you how to make the amazing Turkish coffee.

how-to prepare turkish coffee specialty coffeeblog

How-to make turkish coffee coffeeblogger

How-to brew turkish coffee

turkish coffee by The Exploring Barista coffee blogger


How to prepare a Turkish coffee

For preparing this traditional cup of coffee a 1:10 ratio is used. This means 8 grams of coffee to 80 grams of water.

  1. Prepare the things you need for making this coffee: scale, timer, spoon, heater, Turkish pot, water and ground coffee
  2. Place the Turkish pot on the scale and add cold water
  3. Add 80 grams of water
  4. Now add the ground coffee to the water
  5. Add 8 grams of coffee
  6. Place the pot on the fire and heat for 1 minute
  7. After 1 minute take the pot off the fire and give it a good stir
  8. Place the Turkish pot back on the fire and heat until 2 minutes
  9. Turn of the fire and pour straight in a cup
  10. Your Turkish coffee is ready now so sit back, relax and sip!


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