It was about time to try out the coffee from Zimbabwe that I bought a week ago. I’ve prepared it was my aeropress and I also explain how I make an aeropress.

When I was in The Netherlands and did some coffee shopping with my brother at Kaldi, I found a coffee from Zimbabwe. I never tried coffee from this African country, so I got super curious and greedy. I just had to buy it, so I could Zimbabwe to my list of coffees that I’ve tried. This week I found some time to prepare myself an aeropress with this coffee. I also thought it would be a good time to show you how I make an aeropress. What I think about the coffee? You can see that in the video.

Now I am officially (yes, since this week it’s official) freelancer I have to find myself some jobs, so I can actually pay my rent at the end of the month. And because I really like working in events and I was going to Eat Street a lot of times, I thought it would be fun to work there behind the bar. And I was right. I really had a good time (and food) with the team. After my shift I stayed a bit longer to eat a bit more and make some videos. I had to start pretty early on a Saturday morning, so I was pretty happy that Milk & Co was on the event to provide me with some yummy coffee.


Eat Street is a monthly food market at Nau Bostik (Sagrera) from 11:00-23:00. Every month there is a different theme. This edition it was desayuno (breakfast). You can’t make me any happier than giving me breakfast (all day please).


2 thoughts on “HOW-TO AEROPRESS”

  • So great to learn about how to use the aeropress! I’ve been curious about it for a while 🙂 Any videos yet on how to guess grind size for different brewing methods?? We only have a press-down electric one with no settings at home and I always feel unsure about it

    so great to see those eat street pics!

    • Thanks for your nice comment Sarah! Hope you are well and I am happy to hear I helped you out with the aeropress. That’s a great idea to do something with the grind size. Put it on my list!

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