H&M X Flax & Kale Barcelona

H&M X Flax & Kale Barcelona

That Specialty Coffee is popping up everywhere is a fact. Even restaurants and hotels are starting to be interested in better quality coffee. And now the first shopping + Specialty Coffee experience in Barcelona is a fact. Meet H&M x Flax & Kale. Don’t forget your piggy bank, you will need it.

Teresa Carles

First there was Teresa Carles. You might think who is she and what does she has to this with this story? Well, everything. It all started with this beautiful vegetarian restaurant next to Placa Catalunya. One of my favorite restaurants in the city and the only one where I make a reservation. I wasn’t the only one loving this place, so they started building their business, Teresa Carles Healthy Foods, and there was Flax & Kale. And not much later there was Teresa’s (Stairway to Health) and Teresa’s Juicery, and here we are at H&M with Flax & Kale à Porter. A lovely new collaboration.

So, it is going well with Teresa Carles and Flax & Kale. I get it. They get it. They know how to build a concept and develop it. Healthy lifestyle, great design, amazing products. I had amazing food experiences here. I still remember the fake chicken nuggets made from tofu that really tasted like chicken. Which was such a happy moment after my first three months without eating meat and craving for chicken. And there was the tuna burger that brought a smile on m- and my friends face. I can give you much more examples, but I think you get it now. The only thing I was missing and never took at Teresa or Flax was coffee. Until now. After doing everything right, they couldn’t stay behind with the coffee and so they decided to start using coffee from Right Side and hire experienced baristas.

I don’t really know how this collaboration started, but who cares. It’s in Barcelona and it’s great. Great shopping and food experience guaranteed. Flax & Kale inside H&M is focused on take away, but you can sit down though! Not a lot of fresh food preparation is happening. You can grab it from the fridge, or warm holders and enjoy it. My friend and I, we tried a salad and a bagel with plant-based bacon and cheese. Even if it was already prepared, it was super fresh and delicious. The juices are always a yes! There are also some cakes, but soon more about those in a special plant-based blogpost and video.

Specialty coffee

Now the coffee. I have to say there is a lot of choice. Next to espresso and milk-based (also plant-based options) coffees, there is batch brew from the Moccamaster in the morning and there is refreshing cold brew for the hotter days. They only use beans from Right Side and there are two types of beans available on the grinder.

The baristas at Flax & Kale are well trained and know what they are doing. I enjoyed a high quality flat white with a perfect espresso from Sulawesi, creamy milk and cute latte art. I also tried a bit of the cold brew and that was super flavorful and refreshing (Burundi).

H&M flagship store

Now it’s time to shop at the beautiful H&M flagship store. First of all, the building. Can I live here please? I always knew the building. You can’t miss it when you are shopping in Passeig de Gracia. The building is the old Edificio Generali. When I saw that H&M was opening in here I already knew it had to be amazing. The store exudes luxury, royalty and elegance. Due to the high ceiling, modern chandeliers, decoration, and ornaments.

Inside the building, the 5.000 m2 square shop, you find everything that H&M offers. Women-, men-, and kids clothes. Inside the women section there is Trend, Divided, Basics, sportswear, and L.O.G.G. You can buy a lot of accessories, shoes, make-up, underwear. And I almost forgot to mention the best part, H&M Home. Yes! So, like I said,  actually everything that H&M offers. All placed in the most trendy way. New clothes shop innovations are coming alive here. Great light, beautiful and well dressed mannequins, natural elements as plants, and a good walking plan that leads you through this flagship store. H&M knows how to please their customers. The flour floors will keep you busy for a while.

In the basement your kids can have fun, ground and first floor are ladies territory. Third floor it’s a men’s world. And Flax & Kale. Don’t forget to take a look at the terrace on the second floor, same as the beautiful fitting rooms.

The only thing I can say now, grab your piggy bank and hurry up.

Passeig de Gracia, 11

Mo – Sa: 10.00 – 22.00
Su: Closed

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