It was a not so productive week, but I did book a trip to Valencia to create content as a coffee and travel blogger. And I had a crazy bike crash. So, I can’t say it was a boring week. Not at all!

I’ve started my week (after my bike accident and a meeting) at Espai Joliu. Which has for me one of the best concepts in Barcelona. Coffee and plants. I mean what else do you need in your life? There are also some yummy cakes, cookies and simple breakfast and lunch dishes. I love the atmosphere in this place and if I would live closer, I would hang out here a couple of times per week.



It was also the week of planning a trip to Valencia. Last year with my birthday I told myself: next year I want to be out of Barcelona with my birthday. Now the day that I will be 29 is coming closer I was like where shall I go. I was looking for a low budget trip and staying in Spain would be the best option. I really want to go to Madrid, but it’s a bit too expensive. So, Valencia it is. Actually it’s a birthday present from my parents, because I used my birthday money for this. I am really looking forward. This year will be about investing in travels and not in stuff. For who would like to know, my birthday is on the 21th of February.

Next to this I also got a new barista job, for just two weeks, at the pop-up store from Pinhan Café. The shop is located inside concept store Blaw Store, a menswear/lifestyle shop. It’s an amazing location with great food and good atmosphere. And we have a little monkey, Marcel, who keeps us company.





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