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A week full of specialty coffee in Barcelona with working on an event, visiting a new coffee shop and Syra Coffee, giving a coffee course and a cupping and let’s not forget my regular shifts as a barista.

What a fully, but nice week. I’ve started the week with working at Vella Terra, an event for natural products. Mainly natural wines, but as well beers, sake, bread, olive oils and yes coffee. I was working here with 80 Plus and Dalla Corte. It was a great event with nice people, good products and great atmosphere. The only thing sucked was the heavy rain all day long.

Normally I spend my whole Monday working on my weekly vlog, but because of the event I did this on Tuesday. I will show you the co-working place Imagin where I am always working. This day I also enjoyed a yummy pasta as a late lunch/early dinner at Macchina Pasta Bar. It recently opened up in Barcelona and there are several locations in town. I’ve been to the one in front of Imagin (C/ de Balmes, 12). Very affordable and good quality pasta dish. Great price-quality ratio.

Valentines Day was on Wednesday this year. I completely forgot to be honest. When I was sipping an espresso with my lovely friend Monica I realized it was the day of love. Well lot’s of love for coffee, so don’t ya worry about me. I had a great experience at this new place called Domestico Shop. You find them on different locations, but the one in Diagonal has the café inside. I’m in love with the concept of the shop. All different kind of design products combined with coffee and food. I mean you can never go wrong with this. The place looks clean and minimalistic. I could live here!


Domestico Shop Specialty coffee Barcelona


Thursday was about my regular shift at Double B and it was also the day of the specialty coffee course at Bond Café. This course is in Spanish and I’m always a bit nervous for this. But in the end it’s always a super nice group which makes me feel comfy. In this course we do a short presentation about coffee (history, growing, the plant, processing, roasting), I make a cupping and I show the aeropress and v60 and I do some latte art. Educating and teaching others makes me so happy and I am looking forward to create my own training business and manual.

I love lazy Sundays but nowadays I always have to work on Sundays, so I do my lazy day on Saturdays. This week the same. I’ve stayed in bed until noon and in the afternoon I met my bestie Linda to grab a coffee at Syra Coffee and walk around in neighborhood Gracia. We ended the day with some food and a desert and that are for me the best days off.


Besties, Dutchies in Barcelona

Check here my weekly vlog:


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