My motto of this week? Fuck my life. Sorry for my rude words lovely people, but I had a bit of a difficult start. Lot’s has happened; dating, drugged, migraine, spider app. Luckily I could finish the week at Eat Street and I have my happy mind, and tummy, back. You can check it all out in my new vlog!

So, yes, rough start. It was a week of dating, being drugged, spider app, lot’s of food, and sun. Let me start with the beginning which was a date on Monday evening. I’m gonna be honest and open with you and I will tell you all about my #foreveralone life. Don’t get the wrong idea about the drugged part. I had terrible, but I mean crazy terrible migraine and I took an aspirine and it totally worked. I am very sensitive for aspirine, so I am already apologizing for my crazy migraine aspirine talk. On Thursday I started to feel better and was a bit in in silly mood. I almost forgot to tell you that I dropped my phone on Wednesday and that I now have the free spider app. Do you know it? Well I show you in my vlog. I had the perfect idea to take Friday morning off and it really did me good. Than it was almost weekend.

Next to all of this you can also see what I do when I am working in the roastery of Nømad Coffee.

Than it was finally weekend and it was time for Eat Street on Saturday. I was looking forward to this event for the whole week. I mean you say food, I say YES! You say plant-based food, I say YES YES YES! Eat Street is a food truck festival organized once a month at Nau Bostik. You can read more about it on a previous blogpost. Every month a different theme, and this time it was about plant-based food. You can’t make me happier. I arrived quite late this time, around 19:00, because I was at a rooftop party at a friends place before. When I arrived at the food market I could only think about bloody good coffee from Nømad Coffee and a plant-based cake by Dssrtbar. The (no cheese) cake with forrest fruits and a light hint of rosewater, that I am enjoying in the photo, was totally my favorite and one of the best plant-based cakes I ever had.

It’s time to stop talking about food and let’s enjoy the video. Be careful you might get hungry!


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