Holi- holi- holiday! Yeah, I had holiday last week. I had a friend over from The Netherlands and we also visited Valencia. When we are together the only thing we think about is food and drinks. And my brain is also focused on coffee ofcourse, like usual. Today I show you my favorite places we visited. Be carefull you may get hungry!

I took the train on Wednesday evening from Barcelona to Valencia. I arrived around 9 and after freshing up it was time for dinner. My friend had an Italian place in mind which is called La Pappardella (Calle Bordadores, 5). Without trying the food I already loved the place. It looks so cosy and beautiful from the outside. After trying the food and wine I totally felt in love. I took spaghetti alla parmigiana, because I am a big fan of eggplant. Wow it was so delicious. I think I never had such a good pasta. Next to an amazing place, delicious food and wine, you get a handsome and charming Italian waiter for free (if you are lucky, we were!)



On my list to visit I had Retrogusto Coffeemates. If you want a well-made cup of Specialty Coffee, you should go there. It is the best coffee of Valencia. Easy to combine with visiting the Mercat Central of Valencia, because Retrogusto is inside. I enjoyed a V60 Kenya by Nømad Coffee. It is their new filter coffee and I love it. The flavour is full of blueberries and blackcurrant. A well balanced coffee, not too bitter and not too acid. One of the owners, Martina, made the coffee. She is such a lovely and friendly women with her heart full of coffee. It was a pleasure meeting her. Can’t wait to visit the place again.

After this perfect coffee and walking around in the Mercat we went to Ruzafa. This neighborhood is known as the hip and happening of Valencia. Streets full of trendy cosy places. It is nice to walk around here. For our vitamine boost we went to Ubik (Calle del Literato Azorín, 13). This is a bookstore combined with a café. I am a sucker for places that combine awesome things. I took a beetroot juice and it was fresh and tasty. The place is cosy and has a vintage feeling. I love books, vintage interior and juices, so this was totally my place to hang out.


After doing some serious shopping it was dinner time. I found a vegetarian restaurant in barrio El Carmen: La Tastaolletes (Calle de Salvador Giner, 6). When we arrived we were a bit dissapointed by the place, because it doesn’t look very attractive. But I have to say, don’t judge the book by it’s cover, because the food was amazing! We ordered hummus as a starter and it was one of the best I ever had. And believe me I eat hummus like I am drinking coffee (addict.) As a main dish I took a vegan lasagne and my friend a vegetarian one. Super delicious!



The next day, Friday, we had to catch the train to Barcelona around 11. After chilling a bit at my house we went out for a drink. My friend loves bloody mary. We couldn’t find it in Valencia, so the first thing to do in Barcelona was to get her a bloody fcking Mary. When she visited me last year she tried a few and her favorite was from Granja Petitbo. This place is always a good idea. The service can be better, but I love the interior and the products (except the coffee, you should go next door for that). So ofcourse we went back here to enjoy a drink, nachos and some sun. After that we walked to Gracia. It is a nice walk. Just all the way up on Passeig de Sant Joan. Just one more drink before dinner. A beer at Plaça del Sol in Gracia. The place to be in summer. Just hanging around, watching people and drink your favorite one. Buy your drink in one of the supermarkets on the square and enjoy the night!


When the sun was getting down it was time for dinner and we went to my favorite restaurant of Gracia, and maybe even of Barcelona. I love Indian food (seriously you can wake me up for it) and this place, Veg World India (Carrer del Bruniquer, 26) is 90% vegan. I always bring everybody here and everybody loves the food and place.


The plan was to go to the beach on Saturday, but after having breakfast at home it was still cloudy. We decided to go to the centre for a coffee and hoping the weather would get better (and it did get better). We went to Caravelle (Carrer del Pintor Fortuny, 31) for a flat white take away. Next to good coffee you can also find good food here. Just remember that is place is popular and you may have to wait for a table. With our flat white we walked to the Mercat de la Boqueria. There is a new square behind the mercat to sit down and enjoy the food or drinks you just bought.


After hanging out on the beach we enjoyed some sangria and nachos at BlackLab Brewhouse (Plaça Pau Vila, 1), which I can definitely recommend. They brew their own beer and they are all very tasty. Blacklab is also famous for their nachos, with or without meat. And it is perfect when you come from the beach, because the place is next to metro Barceloneta. After the nachos we had to relax a bit, because we were going out in the night. We made some soup at home and than we went to dance at Apolo. This is my favorite club in Barcelona. If you like Indie music and a relax atmosphere, you should try out this place. There are just two areas to dance, so you probably won’t get lost. On Saturday in the main area they play a kind of progressive electronic music. Remember that Spanish people are always a bit behind with everything during the day. Lunch around 16:00, dinner around 22:00, so clubbing around 02:00. The busiest moment in the club is around 3. Even at 4 there are still people coming in. Apolo is open until 06:00, but that doesn’t mean they stop. There are afters everywhere, if you’re up to.

On Sunday, a bit tired from dancing all night, we just hang on the beach. The weather was beautiful and we spend a lot of time on our beach bed. We took our afternoon snack at Brunch & Cake by the sea (Passeig Joan de Borbó, 5). It is part of Cup & Cake and they just opened a new one next to the beach. If you like cake, smoothies and trendy food, this is your place. You can find them aswell in centre of Barcelona.


Our dinner took place at one of my favorite places in Barcelona: Woki Organic Market (Ronda de la Universitat, 20). Like the name is already saying, it is organic (so don’t panic). This restaurant is combined with a supermarket. I love the atmosphere. The service is always good, just like the food and the wine. Well known for the wok. You may have bad experience with this kind of food, but after trying Woki, it will be all fixed. You can choose rice or noodles, different extra toppings and a sauce. They have different places and concepts in Barcelona, but my favorite is next to Plaça Catalunya. I just forgot to take a picture of the food, but you can see it in my previous vlog!

Like all good things, there is coming an end to this. Monday was the last day of my holiday. To enjoy this day the fullest we went to another concept by Cup & Cake: Travel & Cake (Carrer del Roselló, 189) for some lunch. My friend was craving for a good egg benedict before leaving, and this place is know for this. I took a yoghurt with some fruits. We also tried a smoothie with dates, coffee, cacao and some other things, and it was very tasty!




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