I almost forgot how much fun I had this week. On these kind of moment I am happy that I make weekly vlogs, so at least I don’t forget all these nice things. It’s like a online dairy, but than just not very private. It gives me good vibes to watch it and to see that I have a good life, the Barcelona life.

The week started with a bank holiday and I was busy with uploading my video, drinking coffee and eating carrot cake at Black Remedy. Tuesday was the day of the appointment for my taxes and we went to the rooftop swimming pool of the sister of my roommate. We took Flamingo with us and we had lot’s of fun. Wednesday the weather wasn’t that good, so we’ve been to a new coffee place in town: Departure Coffee. Love the place! Next to that it was tattoo day! Yes, I have a new beautiful tattoo. I had to go back to work on Thursday, which was good because I had to practice some latte art for Saturday. Same story for Friday. And than Saturday it was finally the day of the La Marzocco event Out of the Box. I have so much material, so there will be an extra video about it. But it was amazing and I had so much fun. Even if I didn’t win the mini strada during the latte art throw down. It was a great experience. Sunday I was hangoverish working.

Thanks for watching!


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