Strong, cool, though and handsome baristas all together in one place making beautiful latte art. What else do you need and want on a Friday night? Nothing right. Specialty coffee place Syra Coffee in Gracia was the meeting point for the first latte art throwdown in Barcelona. And yes, there is a winner.

It has been almost two years that I set foot on beautiful Barcelona, but too be honest I was a bit disappointed. I left Holland and my job as a barista behind. Looking for a new coffee adventure, new experience and the opportunity to grow as a barista and as a person. That was kind of a misconception. I think there were like three specialty coffee places around and my Spanish was shit. Took me some time to realize that I had to take a different road or seriously improve my Spanish. I took the first option. Call me a pussy, but I didn’t took the challenge. Moving to Spain was already one of a challenge. Next to that I needed money, so I started another job. Took me around seven months to start working with coffee again and god I was so happy.

Being in the industry again was so good and it woke up my love for coffee again. I started to read, try and look around and finally write aswell. Now, two years, and a lot of knowledge about specialty coffee and new coffee places later, I can tell you about the first latte competition in Barcelona. I am amazed how fast the specialty coffee culture has grown and how many amazing baristas there are. Even if I am not working with specialty coffee at the moment, it is great to be part of it through my blog and meet all these nice people. A good way to learn and improve and hopefully with this blog to share a bit of the coffee culture here in Barcelona with the rest of the world.


Now let’s back to last Friday. The throwdown. That is where we are here for no? It took place in this small nice coffee bar in Gracia, Syra Coffee. And this small place was fully packed with strong, though baristas, who were ready to roll. And a bit nervous aswell. Shaky hands and cautious smiles. Disappointment and happiness. All together in this tiny space.

I liked the concept of the competition. Due to a dice it was determined what latte art they had to make. Everybody was a bit scared of the swan, but in the second rounds and the final the swan was the animal of the show.

Everybody did a great job, but only one can be the winner! Congrats Monika. She didn’t let the cool guys scare her off, because she is the cool chick!

Number 1, 2 and 3.


Check out my video for a better impression of the night!


Don’t forget: the first Coffee Festival of Barcelona is happening this weekend. Told you so that the culture is growing. On Friday it is taking place in the coffee places. Tastings, special coffees, latte art and more. Saturday you can enjoy the cool place, Espacio 88. From 10.00 till 20:00 this space is full of coffee stands, the aeropress championship, machines to try out. From 20:00 you can dance at the La Marzocco afterparty at Garage Beer Co. For more information check the website:


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