First Coffee Festival in Barcelona

First Coffee Festival in Barcelona

With a growing coffee culture, Barcelona can’t stay behind in the upcoming coffee festivals. So that’s what Barcelona did. It created it’s own and this actually happened last weekend in Poble Nou. An industrial space full of coffee, food, handcrafted products and happy coffeelovers. The Independent Barcelona Coffee Festival is a fact. While writing this blog I am checking out a new coffee place. And there are like five more places on my to-visit-list. I think this shows the movement that is happening here. Specialty coffee places are popping up everywhere. The perfect moment for a festival dedicated to specialty coffee.


The festival started on Friday. There was kind of a coffee route planned through Barcelona. All cafeterias came up with offers, like special drinks, cuppings, latte art, and so on. Unfortunately I had to work on Friday, so I didn’t check it out, but I heard good stories about it. On Saturday it was time to bring everything together in one place; Espacio 88. I don’t know if you ever saw the space, but I couldn’t imagine a better spot for the first coffee festival. Normally this is the hone of SKYE, but it is also perfect for events. Industrial, raw, minimalistic and bright. Works perfectly with the coffee culture and handcrafted products.


Espacio 88 was packed with coffee lovers when I arrived in the afternoon. And I heard  that from the moment it started it was full all the time. Good to hear that there are that many people in Barcelona who are interested in good quality coffee. Something the Spanish culture really needs. A change of mind. Because of the crowd it was hard to check out everything, especially the coffees and baristas.

In the middle of the warehouse there was a set-up of espresso machines, like La Marzocco and Dalla Corte. The baristas of different coffee places in Barcelona could try out the machines. They were rotating all day. Fun for them, a bit less fun for me. I actually thought the visitors could try out machines aswell, like on the festival in Amsterdam. But in the end I did tried the Dalla Corte Mina, which was cool because I never saw this machine before.


In the morning there was the aeropress championship for Spain. The winner is going to participate in Dublin. When I arrived it was already over, but good luck to the winner!

Next to coffee and food there were also seminars about different subjects and a cupping. I visit two seminars, one about the fermentation of bread and the other one was about the coffee culture in Spain. About the third wave and the upcoming fourth. Very interesting and easy to understand in Spanish.

The cupping was organized by IECafe. Really cool and a good idea, but the place was too crowded. It was difficult to hear the women explaining and I didn’t had a spoon. I just watched for a while. It would have been better if it was in a closed area.



Overall I can’t complain and I am proud of this first coffee festival. I remember the first one in Amsterdam, which is not Independent like this one. There was also a lot to improve. When I went there last March, the third edition, it was so big and impressive. Can’t wait till the next one here in Barcelona. Keep on going IBCF!


My first vlog about the coffee festival in Barcelona:

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